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These three houses represent very formative years in my life. My Father was a Lt. Colonel in the Army, so we moved quite a bit, whether it was for his military career or professionally after he retired from the service. Needless to say we lived in many houses, and so the place I refer to most as home is Wyckoff, NJ, where my grandparent’s lived (the first photo). No matter where we were living at the time, when we arrived there, I was home. I can still hear the doorbell, smell the lawnmower in the garage, and feel the flocked wallpaper on the staircase. That home “housed” some of my most treasured memories, and it will always have a very special place in my heart. What does home mean to you?


  1. Whoa – what a shock to go to your blog and see my parents house! Through all of your childhood and young adulthood, 178 was our constant. We lived in lots of places, but it was home. xox

  2. Although I know that home is wherever my loved ones are, I am also very emotionally attached to places where I have lived. I mean, I did name my blog after the street I grew up on :) It is so nice to recall happy memories when seeing a house that was truly “home.”

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