summer nostalgia







As we welcome summer, I am reminded of my favorite place on earth. It’s not Paris…shocking, I know. It is actually Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, where I have spent many summers at my uncle’s lakehouse. For as long as I can remember, the lake has brought me so much peace and happiness…and every summer I am not there I feel a void. These photos were taken in 2006, when I brought Billy with me…he loved it! Please pardon my nostalgia…I’m missing the lake, and my old waistline (ha) today! 



  1. That old waistline will be back in no time, especially once you start running after TWO little toddlers! Gorgeous photos, I would give anything to be relaxing by a lake right now!

  2. That is my hope…I would also give anything to be in water right now. As you know I have issues with bathing suits etc…but to be weightless while pregnant would be worth it! That photo above is actually the last time I wore one.

  3. The top scene could not be any other place in the world. My brother worked so hard to provide a super restful and beautiful summer home for his family!

  4. I completely understand! This is my fifth summer in Berlin and each one sees me get incredibly homesick for Lake Superior. Describing it as a void is right on. Love your little Billy. So sweet!

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