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Well hello 2018! My apologies for the silence – December was a doozy of a month for us. I promise this post won’t be a pity party, but in case you missed this: my mother was hospitalized for almost half the month with more than one scary illness. After we got her home, I landed in the hospital myself with what seemed like the same infection. While I’m feeling much better now (whew), last month was challenging for our whole family, and threw off the holidays in a big way. Of course (to quote the Grinch), Christmas came…and it came just the same. The spirit of the season was clearer than ever this year. It was quite refreshing to only have time for family – so much so, that it made me question my social media agenda. This blog is and always will be a place for me to document my passions…but social media has felt like a chore at times lately. I’ve been feeling uninspired, restless, and unsure of my next steps…until a friend shared this video (on Facebook). Oh, the irony…and a strong reminder of why I create, share, and do what I do. What will be your space jam?


living in the moment

a poem for the new year

the only way to keep your resolutions

the end of the social era can’t come soon enough

worth a second mention: a pep talk about a pep talk


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