we’re moving!



Bon weekend friends! My apologies if you came here from Instagram hoping for some juicy, life-altering news. We are indeed moving, but not abroad as we had expected when we sold our home two years ago. We’ll be staying in Chester County, Pennsylvania which we love (and where we’ve been for 8 years now), but moving out of our industrial loft and into an apartment complex. This will be another temporary move (1-2 years) which we had hoped to avoid, but we decided the pros outweigh the cons (I’ll spare you the list). Our current home has been a refreshing change of scenery for the past two years, a fun challenge as an interior designer, and a super pinterest-worthy space. Speaking of which, I’ll be sharing more of it before we move (or soon after). It’s funny how a hard deadline like moving can light a fire to get things done.

This time around the kids are old enough to grasp the idea of moving and that home is wherever we are. The walls that surround us don’t define our family, and that’s been a big lesson for us all. As we did before, we’re involving the kids with as many decisions as possible to better equip them emotionally for the move. The fact that our new place has an awesome pool and is dog-friendly is already helping to soften the blow…and yes that’s a hint that we’re looking to add a furry member to our family soon! If you have children and have any tips to help ease the stress of moving, please share. Also, if you’re interested in some goodies from Henry + Marie’s closet (as well as a few random items from mine), follow @shopfleurishing on Instagram – there are many items already listed, with more to come. Spring cleaning is in full effect!

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we the postcard



Today happens to be (not my) Presidents’ Day, and I can’t think of a better time to share this project by my friends at Curious + Company. Full disclosure: this is not a sponsored post, but I am a bit biased as those ladies have designed my website and are also personal friends. They recently launched their latest project, aptly named We the Postcard. Celebrating some of their favorite quotes about America, human rights, and civic responsibility, these cards make it easy for us to stay in touch with our elected officials, as well as patriotic friends and family. Most importantly (in my opinion), is that 50% of the proceeds are donated to the ACLU, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Head over to their site to order (don’t miss the Presidents’ Day sale) and show your postcard pride!

peel stick love



Our powder room makeover is finally complete, thanks to a second collaboration with Chasing Paper! You may have seen the sneak peek a few weeks ago, and now I can finally share it. Ever since discovering their removable wallpaper and going “wild” in Henry and Marie’s room, I’ve been obsessed with finding another place for it. Our (tiny) powder room proved to be the perfect space for their speckle print paper, which is both classic and modern thanks to the carefree (freehand) dot pattern. It elevated this bathroom to another level – it’s so much more interesting and fun (the dog tail hook helps too).




In addition to the paper, we updated the mirror and light (you’re not missing anything by not seeing the before photos – although I did share the process along the way on snapchat: hutchsusan). It’s very tricky to photograph such a tiny space (and I’m not a contortionist, lol) but I did my best! The details are always my favorite stage of the decorating process, and I found a happy home for the Napoleon + Josephine silhouettes recently gifted to me (merci Amy), along with the vintage brass swans I acquired in LA. There’s not really room for much more in there…less is more in this case!




As you can see, it’s a tiny space just inside the front door of our loft. It makes me so happy to see those speckled dots peeking through from the bathroom doorway – it’s the perfect accent. Small spaces are the perfect place to make a bold statement, and I especially love using wallpaper in powder rooms (no shower/tub means hardly any humidity, which is not a friend of wallpaper). Pro tip: prints also make perfect camouflage for quirky spaces. Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you have to give up on wallpaper – check out all the amazing (removable) options on the Chasing Paper site!




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wallpaper c/o chasing paper, all words and opinions are my own.

henry + marie’s “wild” new room




The wait is over – I can finally reveal the kids new room! It’s been a long time since I’ve shared Henry + Marie’s bedroom – since their nursery, to be exact. When we sold our home, we knew we would be creating a “big kid” room for them in our new space. Our industrial loft has greatly inspired my decor decisions, and I’ve enjoyed designing a more modern + minimal space. With awesome bones (hello exposed brick + beams) and beautiful light, there wasn’t too much to be done. I knew I wanted to have an accent wall behind their bunk beds and immediately started searching for wallpaper. However, we needed something renter-friendly, and that’s when I discovered Chasing Paper. They have an amazing line of high quality, removable wallpaper + wall decor. I quickly became smitten with the “wild” print by designer Sarah Watson and knew it was the one. Most importantly, the kids adore it – they’re working on names for each animal!



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a lofty christmas



This is our first Christmas in the loft, and we may have gotten a bit carried away with the tree. I should have had the kids stand next to it for scale (they helped select it), but that sucker is around 11′ tall! Our former home was a 1948 cottage, and while super cozy, I dreamed of our next place having soaring ceilings – you always want what you don’t have, right?! My tastes have grown more minimal over the years (for many reasons), but this year especially, I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. As much as I love our ornament collection (many vintage, from my grandmother), I just couldn’t stand the thought of decorating this giant tree the second week of December, only to have to undo the entire process shortly after. So, a naked tree (with lights) is what we ended up with, and it’s actually quite refreshing and lovely.






I always look forward to styling presents – I literally just finished wrapping everything yesterday afternoon. This year is a mix of black + natural with gold accents (I know, shocker). The big, fun, colorful present under tree is apparently a gift from the kids to me (no clue what it is). Clearly they had a lot of fun making it special for mommy. I can’t wait for Santa’s gifts to appear Christmas morning – Santa doesn’t gift wrap, did you know that? He likes to give moms + dads some time for coffee first (oh so grateful for that). Let the Christmas countdown begin! And here’s a few more glimpses of our place…