valentine’s day nostalgia



Today I’m feeling nostalgic and thankful for these treasured moments captured in Paris two years ago. I’m so terrible about printing images, but my sweet friend and photographer Ashley Ludaescher sent these to me. While I still have yet to frame them (soon), I stare at them often. My heart is overflowing with love for my children – so much so that it hurts at times. It’s incredibly cheesy but true. Their unconditional love for each other, and for us, is overwhelming. At times I don’t even feel worthy of it. I hope everyone experiences a love as pure and true as this in their lifetime.

happy valentine’s day | joyeuse saint-valentin 

our christmas



Well, we finally did it – matching family pajamas! I wish you could see mine a bit more, but this is what you get from a timed photo, ha. Next year we’ll invest in a family photo shoot, as it’s been too long since we had a professional capture us as a family. We had a lovely, lazy Christmas, which is honestly still happening because we all got sick with colds the next day. But back to the big day – it all started with discovering Santa had enjoyed the scotch + pfeffernüsse we had left for him (see this post for more about that family tradition). The first presents they found were in their stocking – adorable, handmade teddy bears that give back. Nothing sponsored – I’m sharing the link because I love gifts that give back.






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a christmas tradition



Cutting our own Christmas tree has become quite the tradition for our family. I grew up cutting fresh, and have such happy and hilarious memories of the event – it’s incredibly nostalgic for me. Even though we’ve been doing it since before we welcomed Marie + Henry into our lives, it became so much more special with them in tow. It’s hard to believe this is our fourth year doing it as a family! They are just so big now, I can’t get over it. I mean, we let them both carry the saw this year – that speaks volumes. Their bond is truly unbreakable, their friendship and love so very precious.





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poconos perfection



We’ve just returned from our summer vacation at what’s become a very special place for us. Pocono Pines is only two hours away from us in Philadelphia, and Lake Naomi beckoned us there for a third year in a row. Having practically grown up on a lake, it makes me giddy to have re-created a special family tradition in our own way. I have my friend Chanee Vijay to thank for introducing us to the community there, and for so generously sharing her home with us (which you can now rent). We’re always sad to leave, but this time we won’t have to wait a full year, as we’re planning to return in the winter for our first family ski adventure! It ought to be interesting, considering three of us have never skied before, gulp.






The highlight for us this year was our family bike rides! With the kids not knowing how to ride just yet, we opted for a bike trailer to tow them, and they had so much fun. We rode to the beach every day, and pretty much used the bikes as our sole transportation…we were so proud of ourselves. Of course I had it easy – mr. fleurishing did the dirty work. With quite a few private beaches to choose from, we tried to visit a different one each day. We even went to the pool a few times, which is a feat for us – we’re not pool people. But having kids makes us pool people by default, and the smiles on their faces are worth it every time. Their smiles are always biggest however, at the lake. Hashtag proud mama.



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four (times two).





Marie and Henry are now four years old…and I’m still in shock. We surprised them with two nights in Manhattan, and a trip to this Martin Creed exhibit which includes a room full of balloons. I first discovered it here, and immediately thought it would be fun for their birthday since we weren’t having a party this year. I wasn’t sure how they would handle it, but they loved it so much, as evidenced in this video! These were the only decent photos I could manage while battling balloons and enjoying the moment with my family. Our time in the city was a bit of a blur (much like these photos), but it was full of fun, including an event at the CMA for Bastille Day, and an amazing suite with a view of Central Park (all of which I shared on snapchat: hutchsusan while there). I’m so proud of the people my children are becoming…they are thoughtful, playful, loving little ones, and I cherish each and every day with them. Happy birthday my beautiful babies.