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As a long time reader and fan of everything My Little Paris does, I was thrilled when they recently launched their latest brand addition, a weekly English newsletter delivering a delightful Francophile fix straight to your inbox. Speaking of Francophiles…today’s edition features none other than…@thefrancophiles! It’s such an honor to have the community recognized in such a big way. The piece is focused on the sexiest French pastries outside of France – you might not want to read it if you’re hungry. As an added bonus, one of my own images was included in the piece (a shout-out to my local fav, Parc). If you’re not familiar with My Little Paris, check out this fun introductory video, sign up for an edition (or two, or all) and explore their site. Fair warning: you’ll get blissfully lost for hours. Go French Yourself.

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During my last trip to Paris, I stayed in a lovely apartment in Montmartre, provided by Haven in Paris. I had the opportunity to truly experience the neighborhood, and subsequently fell in love with it. While I’m anxious to spend even more time getting to know the area, I had some very enjoyable adventures in and around the famed butte. I shared some of my favorite addresses over on their blog, and I’d love to know your favorites…please share!

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I’m forever grateful for the blogging community, and the friends I’ve made along the way. Erin Austen Abbott is one of those friends, and while we’ve never met, our connection as mothers and small business owners is tangible. She recently launched a lifestyle blog focused on travel with kids in tow, and invited me to share our experience traveling with kids to Paris. It was the ultimate field trip for us of course, and I could wax poetic for days on this topic. Don’t worry, I narrowed it down to our favorites, including where to play, dine, shop and stay. Follow the link below…merci encore Erin!

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the francophiles



Today is Bastille Day, and I can’t think of a more fitting occasion to finally announce the secret project that I’ve had in the works for so long. You may have seen my hints here and there, but today it is official…@thefrancophiles is live!! What began as an a-ha moment last summer has developed into a full blown concept and (soon to be) community, thanks to my friends and co-founders, Kirsten Alana and Lindsey Tramuta. Our mission is to inspire, inform, and unite those who love all things French. What does being a Francophile mean to you, and how and where do you get your “fix”? Head over to Instagram and join the community by tagging and hashtagging your French-inspired images. Bienvenue!

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six year blogiversary!



I’m celebrating my SIX year blog anniversary!! The official date was three weeks ago, but you know…#life. I’ve also had my nose to the grindstone – I have big plans for this year, and promise to keep things exciting! I’m commemorating the occasion with a look back at some of my favorite posts. It’s fun (and occasionally cringe-inducing) to look back through the archives…for me, it all began with a beret! This collage of images represents some of my favorite posts, and the press and collaborations I’m most proud of. I had no idea what would become of this space six years ago, but I’m oh so grateful for it’s growth and success, and the friendships I’ve developed in the process. I still enjoy it immensely, and it (almost) never feels like work. Thank you, as always, for joining me here  – a huge MERCI to each and every one of you.

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