I ♥ brooklyn



I recently escaped to NYC (solo) for a few meetings, and spent an inspiring 48 hours in Brooklyn. I was lucky enough to stay at a good friend’s place while she was in Paris (le sigh), and got to know a new (and lovely) neighborhood. Believe it or not, of all the times I’ve been to New York in my life, I’d never walked the Brooklyn Bridge – I can check that off my list! I’m quite proud of myself, considering I could see through the planks and fought my fear of heights big time. (I was the crazy person talking and humming to myself along the way to stay calm). I wandered around Prospect Heights, Williamsburg, Cobble Hill, + Dumbo…stopping at almost every coffee shop and consuming copious amounts of espresso. Brooklyn is rich with inspiration–I would live there in a heartbeat. I’m excited to return with the family sometime soon! If you’re planning a visit,  you can see my adventures + day trip suggestions over on steller!

a day in brooklyn

bon weekend



Happy Friday friends! I’m a bit behind this week due to a few exciting projects in the works…I can’t wait to share what I’ve been up to. Also, we just started potty training (double gulp)…more on that soon. If I happen to disappear from the face of the (social media) earth, you’ll know why. Based on my instagram feed lately, I’ve been very coffee obsessed. A pretty latte or an invigorating cortado is just what an autumn weekend calls for though, don’t you think? I hope your weekend is filled with the best treats of the season! Here are some links to enjoy while sipping on a hot cup of something…


maple fig hot toddy

november inspiration

my guest post on jojotastic

 coveting the petit pippin creations

abbaye de fleury




Abbaye de Fleury is a very special place for me. I’m not religious, but I find myself at this historic church every time I visit France. My brother introduced me to it upon my first visit to his town, Sully Sur Loire, as it is minutes away. It had me at Fleury. Founded in 640 (yes you read that correctly), this Benedictine monastery is incredibly peaceful and humbling…it captivates me. I’m sharing excerpts of my experiences there, via my travel journal…the full story is on steller.

witchery + wizardry






The (ballerina) witch + (skeleton) wizard would like to wish you a Happy Halloween! When we started talking to them about the holiday months ago, we showed them costume ideas in catalogs + online, to see what they reacted to, if anything. Marie continuously responded to anything ballerina/tutu related, as well as anything witchy. So…a ballerina witch was born! I’m just gonna take a moment to give myself props for making the tutu…WOOT! Henry, well…he didn’t have much interest in costumes to be honest (insert male cliche here), so I just found a pair of skeleton pajamas and put them on. I got a positive response, so I thought that was a done deal. However, while visiting our local toy shop a few days ago, I spotted the wizard cape, and had a lightbulb moment. A witch + a wizard – YES. Needless to say, it took all week and a few cookies to coax him into wearing it, but he’s really into it now, whew. Sidenote – I think he also resembles a (super adorable + sparkly) grim reaper, or a star wars sith lord. I’m so ridiculously excited for our first family trick-or-treating experience (more than I expected). Wishing you all a very fun, spooky, sugary, memorable…





Halloween is only a few days away, and we’ve been prepping the kids for their first experience (talking, crafting, reading, you name it). They are getting very excited, and I can’t wait to share their costumes with you! It’s possible that we are a bit more excited than they are, I’ll admit – but don’t all parents feel that way?! Reliving our childhood through them is so fun.