our hudson valley getaway



I had never heard of Copake Falls, New York before this trip. A modern Airbnb farmhouse is what brought us there – it was close enough to everything and aesthetically our vibe. The town itself is incredibly quaint and charming (I mean, just look at that church – it now serves as their historical society). With direct access to the Taconic State Park, it’s perfectly situated for nature lovers. While I wouldn’t describe us quite like that, we do love to bike as a family, and had every intention of doing so. However, after some issues with the house (long story) that robbed us all of sleep, we ended up lounging around, walking around town, and baking. Regardless, the quality time as a family was priceless.





The home is incredibly photogenic (part of why I chose it), and I enjoyed capturing it. When I’m not feeling required to create content, my creative juices flow freely. Unfortunately we had mostly dreary weather while there, and the home was a bit darker than portrayed on it’s listing. I had to get extra creative with my photography, and thankfully had my tripod with me to play around with long exposures. I don’t normally do that, so it was a great learning opportunity – I’m proud of what I shot and edited! The kids are almost always eager to be “models”, and are showing a lot of interest in photography themselves. I think it’s time to get them (kid-friendly) cameras for Christmas – thinking Polaroid, but recs are welcome!

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storm king with kids





My birthday (October 1st), happens during my favorite season – autumn. When presented with a road trip opportunity this year, the destination was an easy choice for me. I chose the Hudson Valley, as I’ve been dreaming of a fall visit for many years. For some reason I’ve never made it there, despite seeing (and swooning over) New England in peak season. My desire to visit the region strengthened after seeing so many friends on Instagram share gorgeous images from the Storm King Art Center. Founded in 1960, it’s the home of incredible sculptures from some of the most prominent 20th century artists. While the foliage wasn’t quite what we had hoped for (this unseasonably warm weather is infuriating), the art didn’t disappoint. Henry and Marie were very engaged throughout our entire visit, and retained quite a bit of information. I’m sharing some tips for visiting with young children…click through for that and more from our visit!


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back to design



I’ve been a bit secretive and quiet on social lately, but I can finally share some news with you! A few months ago, I took on a very exciting interior design project – a dream job. Many of you may not be familiar with my design work, as I don’t share that aspect of my life here as much, but I’m hoping to change that. I’ve been in the business for 20 (gasp) years now and branched out on my own in 2007. It’s been a wild ten years of entrepreneurship, with many ebbs and flows, but I’m so very grateful to be making a living doing what I love. This project came along at just the right moment, as the kids have finally reached their school years, and I have a bit more time on my hands (emphasis on a bit). Designing an entire home, especially one as grand as this, is a challenge that I readily embrace, and look forward to sharing with you.

Having lived in Pennsylvania for seven years now, I’ve become deeply enamored with the history, art, and architecture of this region. I’ve walked in Wyeth’s footsteps, toured historic homes, and attended quite a few preservation fairs. Designing a stone farmhouse has been on my interiors bucket list longer than I can remember, and this home checks that box in a big way. Adding to my delight is the fact that I had the honor of helping my (amazing) clients select the Okie-inspired home. As a designer and proud Pennsylvanian, I have a great admiration for architect Brognard Okie’s work, and this home was meticulously designed and built to capture the spirit and character of his renowned properties. I can’t wait to infuse this incredible space with a modern edge, while respecting and maintaining it’s historic charm. More to come!

our kindergarteners




Marie and Henry started (half-day) kindergarten this week…I’m still in shock. They are on the fresh side of five and have literally been by my side for five years straight – this is a huge new chapter for all of us. It’s the end of an era, which is hard to accept, and hurts my heart a bit…I think any mama can relate to that. In order to help us all prepare for the transition, we commemorated the occasion with a photo shoot the day before school started. I set my sights on a bus lot near our home: no gate, no “keep away” signage…it was begging to be featured on a blog! For the record, the doors were open: we didn’t touch or enter one (that’s unlawful). Ironically, the kids will be car riders this year, but their fascination with buses and willingness to humor me made for some pretty great photo opportunities. Not to mention, a certain little lady had her very first haircut, and it was a major one! A photo shoot was practically (hashtag) obligatory.

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bon weekend



“Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

Benjamin Franklin

The day after I shared this image on Instagram of an everyday mantra in our home, the disgusting white supremacist rally and subsequent attack in Charlottesville happened. It rendered me speechless to be honest, and left me feeling a bit hopeless. Then I saw this tweet from Mark Ruffalo on Twitter and realized…I’m not doing enough. I’m not doing enough to resist this presidency. I’m not doing enough to resist hate, and assist love. A few days later many bloggers were able to articulate their thoughts so eloquently, which I’ve linked to below, as well as some direct action links. I’m checking my privilege, educating my children, and channeling my rage into action (and not just sheetcaking). Silence is approval.


this tee supports the splc

thoughts on white supremacy

bedtime stories about race + social justice

balancing silence + action and creating safe spaces