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Our powder room makeover is finally complete, thanks to a second collaboration with Chasing Paper! You may have seen the sneak peek a few weeks ago, and now I can finally share it. Ever since discovering their removable wallpaper and going “wild” in Henry and Marie’s room, I’ve been obsessed with finding another place for it. Our (tiny) powder room proved to be the perfect space for their speckle print paper, which is both classic and modern thanks to the carefree (freehand) dot pattern. It elevated this bathroom to another level – it’s so much more interesting and fun (the dog tail hook helps too).




In addition to the paper, we updated the mirror and light (you’re not missing anything by not seeing the before photos – although I did share the process along the way on snapchat: hutchsusan). It’s very tricky to photograph such a tiny space (and I’m not a contortionist, lol) but I did my best! The details are always my favorite stage of the decorating process, and I found a happy home for the Napoleon + Josephine silhouettes recently gifted to me (merci Amy), along with the vintage brass swans I acquired in LA. There’s not really room for much more in there…less is more in this case!




As you can see, it’s a tiny space just inside the front door of our loft. It makes me so happy to see those speckled dots peeking through from the bathroom doorway – it’s the perfect accent. Small spaces are the perfect place to make a bold statement, and I especially love using wallpaper in powder rooms (no shower/tub means hardly any humidity, which is not a friend of wallpaper). Pro tip: prints also make perfect camouflage for quirky spaces. Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you have to give up on wallpaper – check out all the amazing (removable) options on the Chasing Paper site!




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wallpaper c/o chasing paper, all words and opinions are my own.

the tower and a tease



I’m back mes amis, coucou! My trip to Paris was such a whirlwind, whew – I’m still catching my breath. It was an exhilarating and exhausting eight days, but worth every second. I missed my family fiercely (it’s the longest I’ve ever been away from them), but returned home refreshed and excited! Soon I’ll be sharing posts about my adventures, my apartment in Montmartre, and more. But for now…I have a very special announcement to share with you! While I can’t reveal it fully just yet, I’ll be launching a new venture in May that has been in the works for some time now (and on my brain for even longer). I’m honored and thrilled to be joined by and collaborating with my incredibly talented friends and fellow Francophiles, Kirsten Alana + Lindsey Tramuta. We cannot wait to share our news with you…stay tuned!!

a day in paris with kids


I’ve been saving this video for a while now–words cannot even express how much I/we treasure it. Last year, during our family trip, we had the good fortune of being in Paris at the same time as Jenner Brown. Having admired his work for years, I had reached out to him beforehand with my wish of capturing a day in Paris with Henry and Marie, and thankfully, he agreed to participate. I like to think that fate played a big part in everything aligning to make it a reality. Jenner joined us as we visited many kid-friendly places…we were a tad limited by the stamina of the kids at age two and a half, otherwise we might have seen more that day. Regardless, we accomplished a lot and had so much fun while doing so. Sharing my love for Paris with my children has been one of my life’s greatest joys, and this video ensures those memories are treasured forever. I can’t think of a better way to commemorate our family trip (which happened exactly one year ago).

a film by jenner brown

packing for paris



It’s that time again…t-minus three days until I leave for Paris, and the suitcase is out! This time, however, I’m going to attempt to only use a carry-on…key word being attempt. I’m a chronic overpacker, so this will be a challenge (follow along on snapchat:hutchsusan if you wish…I’ll be sharing my packing process there, and it could get comical). While April in Paris is one of the most beautiful times of year there (or anywhere), it can also be the most fickle. One moment the sun is shining and the next, you’re ducking for cover in a passages. Layering is always a great idea when traveling, as are comfortable shoes. I tend to avoid trends and stick to the classics – you can’t go wrong. This is my fourth packing for paris guide…I’ve linked the previous ones below, along with all the details for these items. I think it goes without saying that this packing guide applies to many different locales…I hope you find it helpful. Happy travels et bon voyage!

my other packing for paris posts: one | two | three (kids version) 

cashmere sweater | white oxford | striped tee | wool hat | trench coat | denim shirt dress | black midi skirt | skinny jeans | bootcut jeans | leopard purse | sunglasses | scarf | expandable pliage | camera bag | nude flats | white sneakers | booties

french for paris



The blossoms are blooming here in Pennsylvania, despite Mother Nature being very confused (it’s currently 45 degrees). From what I’m seeing on my friends snapchats and images, the blooms are beginning in Paris, and I’m hoping to see them in ten days, eek! I’m crazy busy getting both home + work life in order before I go, but right now I’m making time to review my French. As you may have seen in my French is Beautiful series, I’ve been studying and improving thanks to (my friend + tutor) Carrie Anne James. Even after years of speaking French, I always review and refresh my knowledge before a trip. Speaking the language (even at a basic level) shows respect, makes things easier, and therefore, more enjoyable.

The French for Paris audio program covers all the basics for navigating and enjoying Paris, and while it’s quite comprehensive, it’s not overwhelming. Carrie Anne teaches you to improvise in conversation, not just imitate, as well as offering cultural tips to help you understand why certain things are said (or not). There are also some fun extras, like the “traveling with kids” bonus lesson, which I’m honored to have inspired! Also included in the course is a guide to Carrie’s favorite places in Paris, which I’ve devoured. While all of her program offerings are amazing (see them here), if you have plans to travel to Paris (and France in general), this one’s for you. Tell her I sent you…merci à tous!

image courtesy of Ashley Ludaescher Photography

*my tutoring is c/o French is Beautiful…these words + opinions are my own*