bon weekend



Hello 2015! It’s the first weekend of the new year, and I’ve got a big smile on my face (much like the one above). I’m bursting with excitement + ideas for the new year! I don’t write resolutions, but I certainly keep a list of goals. One that has remained at the top of that list for many years is to better my French, and eventually, achieve fluency (which I wrote about here). I’ve been struggling to find the time to further my language skills, but I’m not going to let life get in the way any longer. I recently discovered Carrie Anne James of French is Beautiful (aka @theparisdarling), and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be under her tutelage beginning next week! We’ll be collaborating on a new series here on the blog, which I’ll be debuting soon! This photo, taken of me in Paris by the talented Ashley Ludaescher, is the best way to describe how I feel about this new venture–GIDDY. Hopefully you’re feeling as excited as I am about something you have planned for 2015. Just in case you need some inspiration, here are some links for your weekend reading…



new year new you

everything is a phase

entering 2015 with compassion




As we prepare to celebrate our annual réveillon dinner and say goodbye to 2014, I find myself in a reflective mood, as many do on this day. The word “réveillon” means awakening, and I’ve always loved the concept, especially on New Year’s Eve. To open your eyes and see clearly–both the cracks and the light shining brightly through. This year has been full of beauty, personal + professional growth, happiness + hardship. It’s not unlike your story, I’m sure – our lives all seem to ebb and flow in similar patterns. Periods of (sometimes troubling) recession, followed by (usually thrilling) surges forward. Both phases having their own trials and triumphs. Emerging from those tempestuous waves, I’ve learned a very significant lesson this year–that there is no such thing as balance. It’s an act – always an act of, balancing. My intention for 2015 is to improve my balancing act, making more time for myself amongst the chaos of work and family obligations. To return to my roots, nurture my soul, and enrich my life. I can’t wait to share the journey with you.

happy new year + bonne année!

my instagram life – year in review



It’s been a while since I’ve done an instagram life post, but it’s so fascinating to look back and see my most liked media. There are so many happy moments here, and it’s a great reminder of what an incredible year 2014 has been. WOW.

sibling sweetnessfrancophile porntroispeony season

cotton candy skyour beautiful routinemommy blissobligatory

my meccaour home in in the fallapple pickingthe taste of autumn

surprise 35th birthdayour witch + wizardoctoberbest friends

christmas cookies


Our Christmas day was a blur of happiness (as it should be), but many of my favorite moments happened while we were baking as a family. Having never baked together before, I knew the kids would love it, and it was the perfect opportunity for the kids to don aprons for the first time. Little people, wearing little aprons, and using little baking tools? Yes please!




That smile on Henry melts my mommy heart, and he flashed that quite a few times during our baking session. He loves to be in the kitchen, just like his daddy. This was our first time baking, and he really loved every minute of it. He was especially fascinated with the mixer and how it functioned of course, but was focused + interested the entire time (which is saying a lot for a two-year-old). Marie is my mini-me, and true to form, enjoyed the cutting + decorating the most.

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