memory lane



We just returned from a trip down south to Charlotte, North Carolina. I don’t talk about Charlotte much, but it’s where both mr. fleurishing and I lived for many years, met, and married. We went down to spend time with Parker’s family (in celebration of his 40th), built around a business conference he had. It was a busy week, but we made time to visit the estate where we were married in 2009. Built in 1913, the Van Landingham Estate is an escape in the heart of Charlotte, and it won us over with it’s character + gorgeous gardens. We hadn’t been back since then, so bringing our children there was really special. It was a beautiful day, and you better believe I brought my camera to capture Henry + Marie there.




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canal st. martin



Believe it or not, I still have content to share from our Paris trip…too much goodness! We dedicated a morning to Canal St. Martin in the 10th arrondissement, one of my favorite neighborhoods. We stopped at Ten Belles for our caffeine fix – don’t miss it if you’re in the neighborhood. From there we strolled down to the Canal and set the kids free. As I’ve said before, their favorite places (as toddlers) are where they can run and play freely, such as Jardin des Plantes + Palais Royal. As luck would have it, a picture perfect barge was docking right as we arrived. Paris can be such a show-off, am I right?!






They (attempted to) skip stones à la Amélie, frolicked, giggled, and talked to pigeons. As snack time approached and they became a bit more rowdy, they took a serious interest in the rails along the canal. As dirty as we knew they were, we just couldn’t resist their cuteness and laughter so we let them slide and crawl along. Sometimes you just have to let them be little. We strapped them back into our stroller (so glad we brought it with us) and made our way to (nearby) Du Pain et Des Idées for a morning treat + my favorite children’s boutique, Centre Commercial Kids. A perfectly Parisian morning!




Canal Saint – Martin | 75010 Paris

jane’s carousel



I first learned of Jane’s Carousel when I was pregnant with Henry + Marie, and have been wanting to take them there ever since. We made a day of it last weekend after being in the city to attend the #citykidpopup! Situated in the most beautiful spot in the Brooklyn Bridge Park – the views are incredible. You can add this to the long list of why I (we) love Brooklyn so much. I’m sharing the full story (and many more photos + video) on Steller – if you don’t yet have the app I highly recommend it, but you can also view it online (follow the link below). Since it’s open year-round, we can’t wait to return!

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crafting with seedling




I have a confession – I don’t craft with Henry and Marie as much as I’d like to. I’ll pull the twin toddler mom, small business owner, work from home card on this one. We all have our reasons, and we shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Ah, but we still do…we always do, don’t we. Which is one of the reasons why I was so thrilled to discover Seedling. Founded in 2007, they’ve grown to be a respected brand of stylish, quality children’s products that promote creativity and imaginative play. As a mother of two toddlers, I see firsthand how beneficial that is, and have a huge appreciation for it. So when they invited us to try a few of their curated activity kits, I jumped at the opportunity. The first thing we did was set out on an urban adventure in our town…how cute are these mini adventure satchels?! My adorable little explorers…le sigh.


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