Three years ago today, I “had a feeling” and chose not to drink this wine on Thanksgiving. A few weeks later, we learned that we were expecting the greatest gifts of our lives. I now drink it each year on this day, in gratitude and celebration.

wishing you all a happy thanksgiving!

famille summerbelle paris map




The holiday season is now in full swing, and I’m reviewing my wish list – this paris paper cut map has been on it for far too long. It’s time to change that, don’t you think Santa (ahem, mr. fleurishing)?! Artist and designer Julie Marabelle of Famille Summerbelle creates these intricate designs, each with amazing detail + quirky characters. Her paper masterpieces take over 20 hours of meticulous work…check out this video demonstrating the process (and condensing it into 2 minutes). If you’re not in the market for an original paper cut, they offer printed versions as well. With an extensive collection of gifts (like these fun new house boxes), there is sure to be something for everyone on your list!

bon weekend



Exciting news friends! I’m taking over the Terrain instagram feed for their holiday open house in Glen Mills, PA. If you live nearby, I do hope you will join us for the festivities, including awesome local vendors, curated gifts, pie-tasting, crackling fires, carolers, and christmas trees galore (charlie brown would approve of this one, don’t you think?)! Follow along via instagram, and as always…here are some festive links to get you in the holiday spirit this weekend.


brown sugar + spice syrup

thanksgiving in a pot recipe

a french – inspired thanksgiving feast

last minute thanksgiving DIY’s (oldie but goodie)

last but certainly not least…join MOI at terrain for faux bois holiday fun!

holiday haze



It seems this time of year creeps up on us all, but this year really caught me by surprise…for a few reasons. Stores have started displaying holiday decor + product before halloween….halloween! I’ve even noticed a few small businesses mentioning Black Friday sales as soon as the last witch hat is sold. Will this retail timeline continue to shorten, and at what point do we, as consumers, say ENOUGH?! Don’t get me wrong – I love this time of year immensely, but part of what makes it so special is the momentary magic of it all, don’t you think? In addition, the return of the polar vortex hasn’t done us any favors, abruptly bringing early snowfall and frozen temps. All of a sudden I’ve found myself scrambling for a new winter coat and arctic temp accessories for the kids. Add my current workload to this mix, and I’ve found myself staring blankly at my to-do list/calendar. A “holiday haze”, if you will. I’m feeling very overwhelmed friends, and I’m assuming I’m not alone. What are your thoughts, and how do you handle the stress of the holidays?