fourth of july recap




We had one mission this Fourth of July weekend – to give the kids their first splash pad experience. After some research and friend polling, I decided our first should be Sister Cities Park. Having driven by it many times and always seeing a flock of moms and strollers, I knew it must be great. With a pond, children’s garden, cafe + splash pad, it has more than enough to keep the kiddos (and mommy + daddy) happy. Dressed in appropriate holiday colors, we joined the masses in the sunshine! We splashed, we sailed (mini boats), we smiled…it was a good day. Follow through for more cuteness!


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bon weekend + happy fourth!



Oh hello there, Fourth of July weekend – you snuck up on me! I’ve been crazy busy lately, so this weekend is dedicated to catching my breath, spending time with family, and (officially) welcoming summer. Wishing you all a lazy and lovely long weekend (that’s a lot of L’s, whew). Here are a few summer + holiday-inspired links for your weekend enjoyment!


patriotic cocktails

light painting with sparklers

the ultimate fourth of july spread

the recipe for that gorgeous all-american pie above

photography by mary beth johnson of annapolis + company

ellsworth paris



I always look to my good friend Lindsey Tramuta for dining recommendations when in Paris, and she was sweet enough to arrange a lunch with some of my favorite amis. Ellsworth was an easy choice, being the latest and greatest from Laura Adrian + Braden Perkins, the masterminds behind my other Parisian favorite, Verjus. Having just opened, I had the opportunity to feel very au courant. Unfortunately there was scaffolding outside so I couldn’t get a shot of the beautiful exterior (see it here), but you can see Lindsey and I’s reflection in the door. It felt like a bit of a homecoming for me, as it is located in the shadow of the Fontaine Moliére in the 1st and the hotel I used to call my home away from home.






The plates are small so we each ordered a few and shared. Everything was delicious – from the brussel sprout salad to the buttermilk fried chicken, and the apple beignets (whoa). Most importantly, the company was awesome – I was joined by Paris friends (from left to right) Lauren Lou Bate, Kasia Dietz, Anne Ditmeyer, Meg Gagnard, (moi), Frank Barron, Lindsey Tramuta, and Rahaf Harfoush. We unintentionally posed for a “last supper” image (ha)…and I must say, I’d be ok with this being my last meal. Many thanks to mr. fleurishing for giving me solo time, and to Lindsey for making it happen!




Ellsworth | 34 rue de Richelieu Paris 75001

notre dame – part un



Our entire time in Paris was incredible, but this day…this afternoon in particular, was filled with some of the most perfect and memorable moments of our journey. After reading and learning about Paris since birth, Henry + Marie’s knowledge of the city is impressive – in fact, they can name more monuments than my husband! To finally see Notre Dame (where the gargoyles live) up close was a big moment for them. Upon reaching the cathedral, the kids were speechless, staring up at the massive structure in awe. I feel as if you could look up “awestruck” in the dictionary and a few of these photos would be there. If you think Paris is magical, try experiencing it with children. My Francophile heart almost couldn’t take it.

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