the toddler bed transition


Last weekend we said goodbye to cribs and hello to toddler beds. I’m not gonna lie – it was an emotional event for me. They were ready, but I was never going to be. We had actually purchased the beds last year, wanting to have them ready and waiting for when the time came. With only one climbing out incident (by the wild child Marie), we waited as long as possible, not wanting to disturb their amazing napping/sleeping patterns. But lifting almost 30 lbs. of kids (times two) in and out of cribs 3+ times a day was taking a toll on our backs, and considering some upcoming travel plans that require sleeping in bigger beds, we felt it was time. We talked about it for a few months, read books, and showed them pictures of their new beds….they were excited and looking forward to freedom. Needless to say, mommy + daddy were a bit scared.


The decision of toddler vs. twin beds was a laborious (and very personal) one. After intense consideration, we realized toddler beds made the most sense for us (if you’re a parent, you know how hotly debated this issue is). It mostly comes down to space for us, as Henry + Marie share a room, and we want it to look/feel spacious for as long as possible. Also, in my opinion, going from a crib to a twin bed is a bit scary for a child, even with bed rails protecting them from falling. When you try to imagine the world from their perspective you realize how giant things can seem. Cost is a big reason many skip the toddler bed and opt for a twin, but we felt it was worth it for a smoother transition, more space, and the same (costly) mattresses. Our hope is that they can be in these for at least 2-3 years, before making the jump to twins.


Their immediate reactions were joyous, and they wasted no time taking them for a test drive. Since the beds we chose have some enclosure, they felt cozy enough without all the bars to surround them. The first attempt at nap time was a joke – they were just way too excited about their new freedom. However, the first night was a total success, whew…they didn’t fall out or get scared, and even stayed in bed until we came to get them in the morning! By the third day they were settled into their new routine, and normal naps resumed (insert collective parental sigh here). Overall, the transition was pretty smooth + seamless! I’d love to hear your stories…when did you make the switch, or are you considering it now?

p.s. – clothing c/o burts bees baby (in case you’re curious)

p.p.s. – stay tuned for the full reveal of their toddler room makeover!

french is beautiful



“One must not always think that feeling is everything. Art is nothing without form.”

Gustave Flaubert


It’s hard to believe, but I’m already halfway through my French is Beautiful Level One course! I can honestly say that my French has already improved, and I look forward to each lesson. Studying French doesn’t feel like work to me, except maybe when it comes to verb conjugations, putain. I highly doubt that anyone could find that enjoyable. Getting back to the subject at hand – my most recent lesson had a focus on form. The French language has a certain formality to it, which is of course, echoed throughout the culture. It is crucial to know the rules, etiquette, and proper form before taking liberties. For instance, the imparfait verb form is more of a feeling, and looser than the tighter, more finite, passé composé. I’m doing my best to understand when to use each verb tense, and it’s becoming less intimidating thanks to my tutor, Carrie Anne James. Although, when I get stuck, this magical phrase buys me some time to figure it out.

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handmade charlotte + pottery barn kids event



I’ve always been an avid reader of Handmade Charlotte, a blog rich with imaginative kids crafts + design inspiration. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet creator Rachel Faucett at Alt Summit, and was floored by her vivacious and bold personality – her joy is infectious! We had a lovely chat, and she generously asked if I would be willing to be host a local event for her new Pottery Barn Kids products – and I said YES! without hesitation. SO – in celebration of the (oh so cool) Handmade Charlotte DIY kits (one | two | three | four), I’m hosting a FREE in-store crafting event at my local Pottery Barn Kids. Bring the littles for crafting fun – we’ll be making a superhero mask or owl habitat, to compliment the Handmade Charlotte kits, which will also be available for purchase + making during the event! There are two sessions, 11-11:30 AM + 11:30-12 PM…space is limited so don’t delay – RSVP today! If you’re not in the Philadelphia area, don’t fret – this event is happening on the same day nationwide, so click here to find a store near you. I can’t wait to meet you!


handmade charlotte + pottery barn kids event

pottery barn kids – king of prussia

march 7, 11 AM

space is limited – RSVP by calling the store

bon weekend



Whew, what a week! I need coffee, coffee, and more coffee. Apologies for the radio silence on the blog – I’ve been overwhelmed with work (in the best kind of way). Even though it’s already Sunday, I figure this bon weekend post is better late than never, right? Right. The frigid temperatures kept us (and maybe you?) mostly indoors this week, and we’re incredibly thankful for the bouncy house we bought a few months ago. I highly recommend it for the winter months if you have toddlers – seriously, it’s priceless. Yesterday we managed a day trip to Brooklyn to celebrate the 40th birthday of my good friend Amy, and today we’re tackling the (twin) toddler bed transition (cue the mommy tears). Tonight, the sofa beckons…the Oscars + a generous glass of wine are in my near future! Here are some links I enjoyed this week…


what color is it?

 selfishness, for now

oscar color-by-number ballot

can you match the dog with it’s owner?

a love note



Please pardon the delay – this thank you note is overdue. A huge MERCI to everyone who took the time to answer and provide feedback on my survey. Your opinions are of great value to me, and they help to solidify the direction of my blog. I have been feeling a strong pull back to my roots – primarily, more Francophile related content (which I’ve already begun implementing, as you may have noticed). Many of you requested more of my interior design work, and essays about motherhood – I’m so glad you did. Ask and you shall receive! Many of you also asked for more posts in general. That one is a tad tricky for me, but I’m doing my best to increase the frequency of posting. Without advertising (and minimal sponsored posts), I’m just not able to financially justify spending more time here. I have found myself putting more effort into social media, mainly, Instagram, as I have seen the most response + growth there. However, I have no intention of giving up this space, and have some exciting partnerships lined up for 2015 that will allow me to bring you some amazing content. Thank you again for your time, your interest, and support. Sending you all a big virtual hug. Bisous!