bonpoint soho



I have long admired and obsessed over Bonpoint – the Parisian clothier which has been creating the standard for children’s French fashion since 1975. As you can imagine, I was more than thrilled to be invited by Bonpoint to photograph + review their SoHo store during my most recent visit to NYC. Always a destination for me when in Paris, I was thrilled when they opened the SoHo location last year (making a total of four locations in NYC). Perfectly situated next to Ladurée, it’s a Francophile’s dream, amd I was absolutely giddy spending my day going back and forth between the two. Before even stepping foot inside the store, the Summer 2015 collection beckoned me through the windows. With pebbles and moss highlighting rich indigo twill and printed cotton voile, my mind was set adrift to exotic, breezy locales…





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french is beautiful



“Ma patrie, c’est la langue française. | My homeland is the French language.

Albert Camus


My life currently revolves around the subject of home, in both the physical and metaphoric sense. For the purpose of this post, I’m going to address the latter. I’ve always felt at home when in France, and when speaking the language there is a strong sense of familiarity. Whether it’s due to my ancestry, my Francophilia, or the many years I’ve dedicated to learning, studying and improving my French provides a feeling of belonging for me. I’m craving that feeling more than ever, especially considering the current chaos in my life. I’ve let my studies slip a bit, and I’m missing it. However difficult it may be at the moment, I’m determined to continue the progress I’ve made. I’ll be revisiting and reviewing lessons from Carrie Anne James during this transitional period, along with a few private lessons along the way. My next post will delve more deeply into the language aspect, but for now…I’m making time for learning, and finding solace in it.

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le petit atelier de paris



After coveting the work of Le Petit Atelier de Paris for years, I finally had the chance to see their wares in person while in Paris. I kicked myself for never having made it to their boutique in the Marais before it closed, but was relieved to learn they sell online. Additionally, my good friend Jill had connected and met with owners and artists Stéphane + Jae, and put me in touch with them before our trip. They very generously offered to open up their studio for me, and I was lucky enough to see their offerings in person. What used to be their boutique is now a lovely guesthouse, but Stéphane (along with furry mascot Pompom) kindly met me there one afternoon to let me browse and learn more about their process.


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disneyland paris




If you find yourself in France with children, you simply can’t miss Disneyland Paris! Located only 20 miles from the center of Paris, it makes for a fabulous day trip with the kids. With my brother and family joining us at our apartment a day earlier, we all hopped on the metro early Sunday morning, transferred to the RER, and found ourselves at the gates by opening time. It was an epic and exhausting day, but well worth the effort…the time with our family was worth the ticket price alone. Henry and Marie really earned those ears – they were troopers. Click through to see our adventures!


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