fleur cowles




Fleur Cowles…such an inspiration to me. First of all, what a name-unforgettable. Fleur had humble beginnings but grew to be the ultimate hostess, writer, publishing pioneer…spitfire. This woman walked to the beat of her own drum and others loved the sound. She found herself married to (many) powerful men, landed in London and became friends with (many) powerful people. I discovered her by finding a vintage copy of her magazine, Flair, and was so curious about the person behind the publication. It seemed so ahead of it's time for 1950, and that could have been why it folded after only twelve issues. Fleur never gave up, and continued to be one of the most connected and social beings until her death at the age of 101, last year. I greatly admire her unabashed bravado, eternal style, and "flair" for living. 

(image via Town & Country)


  1. Thank you for introducing me to her. I always admire a woman who is determined to live their live by their rules. I want to get to know her even more now. Thanks for piquing my interest.

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