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I've been reading and learning about the slow home movement, and I am pleased. I first heard the term in a New York Times article, and then on a blog I frequent, ABCD Design. Whether it's the economic situation that has opened our minds, or generational growth, it is a good thing. More people are catching on to this smart movement, where emphasis is put on quality, individuality, and a "less is more" mentality. We've been living in excess, and it is stressing our wallets and our minds. The slow home movement has already permeated many aspects of our life, like supporting locally owned businesses, eating organically, buying smaller, more efficient homes, and being smarter consumers. I've witnessed it most personally in the interior design industry, where options are more carefully considered for their longevity and practicality. In my opinion, a slower life means smarter choices, and more appreciation for things that aren't, well…things. I like where this is headed, and I'm proud to be a part of it. Are you?

(image via artist Amy Casey)



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