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We love living in Philadelphia, and feel so fortunate to live only two hours away from New York City. Most of the time we day trip there, and find ourselves at one of our favorite spots in Brooklyn. However this time, we focused on Central Park and it’s surroundings, with the help of ZigZag City Guides! Created for young explorers, the guides have been a favorite of ours ever since Henry and Marie’s first adventure in Paris. With the help of  “Zig” and “Zag”, kids learn about a city using colorful cards and a map, featuring local history, fun facts, and short activities. I’m excited to help support their latest Kickstarter campaign, which will help launch three new maps! We found so much inspiration in their NYC guide, and chose to start our day at the Guggenheim, where the kids marveled at the architecture and buzz of the city.






Henry loves to navigate, so we let him choose our first destination in the park – the zoo! They loved watching the monkeys (can you spot him?), and being monkeys. We missed the sea lion feeding, but watched a grizzly bear get playful, felt the humidity of a real rainforest in the Tropic Zone, and saw penguins and puffins galore! After exploring the main zoo, we went next door to the Tisch Children’s Zoo and fed goats, oinked at pigs, and met a Patagonian Cavy. Be sure to check out my Steller story for exclusive photos and video of our day! Up next – carousel rides and a picnic in the Sheep Meadow…


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six year blogiversary!



I’m celebrating my SIX year blog anniversary!! The official date was three weeks ago, but you know…#life. I’ve also had my nose to the grindstone – I have big plans for this year, and promise to keep things exciting! I’m commemorating the occasion with a look back at some of my favorite posts. It’s fun (and occasionally cringe-inducing) to look back through the archives…for me, it all began with a beret! This collage of images represents some of my favorite posts, and the press and collaborations I’m most proud of. I had no idea what would become of this space six years ago, but I’m oh so grateful for it’s growth and success, and the friendships I’ve developed in the process. I still enjoy it immensely, and it (almost) never feels like work. Thank you, as always, for joining me here  – a huge MERCI to each and every one of you.

my top six favorite posts

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les marquis de ladurée



I recently had the honor and thrill of photographing Les Marquis de Ladurée in Paris. Dedicated entirely to chocolate, this boutique is unique to Paris. As a lover of all things Ladurée, my expectations were high, and Les Marquis did not disappoint. From the logo, to the interiors, to the chocolate…I died and went to Francophile heaven. This exclusive boutique is the passion project of Mr. David Holder, the Chairman of Ladurée. He wanted to create a special home for chocolat within the brand, while maintaining the Ladurée standards of beauty and taste. The dedication to exceptional ingredients from around the world, combined with and artisanal production, is quite impressive. Well done, sir.





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desktop fleurish | été


Summer has arrived, and is making it’s presence very known here on the East Coast. Spring temperatures had been lingering (which I was delighted about) but we’ve had 90 degree days (aka hibernation weather for us) the past week. However, as much as I dislike extreme heat, there is so much to love about this season. For me, happiness can be found in a crisp rosé, fresh strawberries, and ice cream (it seems my summertime joy revolves around eating + drinking). Été means summer in French, and I always associate the color green with this time of year, with everything looking so lush after the spring rain. Lindsey Buck created another inspiring wallpaper for June, so welcome summer on your desktop!

simple desktop | calendar desktop

please note that these designs are for personal use only + not available for commercial usage.

bon weekend



Time has been standing a bit still for me, as you may have noticed by my absence here (and elsewhere). My mother has been ill and in the hospital, forcing us all to slow down and face issues we weren’t expecting to deal with quite yet. While she is now home and in recovery, it was a big health scare (and will continue to be for the time being). The situation is requiring some life changes, for all of us, and I’ve been re-evaluating my priorities. When dealing with big picture issues, many things fade into the background…in the scheme of life, they’re just not important. With that being said, I will be blogging as much as possible, but I want to thank you in advance for your patience + understanding. I hope you have a fabulous long holiday weekend with loved ones, and in the event you have time to read, here are some things that have inspired me lately. At the very least, stop to smell some roses…or in this case, some Japanese snowball viburnums.


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rethinking silence

making meaning in the middle

the inconsistent consistency of life

amazing words on loss and life (discovered via design*sponge)