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Time has been standing a bit still for me, as you may have noticed by my absence here (and elsewhere). My mother has been ill and in the hospital, forcing us all to slow down and face issues we weren’t expecting to deal with quite yet. While she is now home and in recovery, it was a big health scare (and will continue to be for the time being). The situation is requiring some life changes, for all of us, and I’ve been re-evaluating my priorities. When dealing with big picture issues, many things fade into the background…in the scheme of life, they’re just not important. With that being said, I will be blogging as much as possible, but I want to thank you in advance for your patience + understanding. I hope you have a fabulous long holiday weekend with loved ones, and in the event you have time to read, here are some things that have inspired me lately. At the very least, stop to smell some roses…or in this case, some Japanese snowball viburnums.


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rethinking silence

making meaning in the middle

the inconsistent consistency of life

amazing words on loss and life (discovered via design*sponge)

café kitsuné paris

café kitsuné paris typography


Palais Royal ranks among my top five favorite places in Paris (as well as being a favorite of Henry + Marie’s), so this one is an automatic win for me. Situated (more like hidden) along the beautiful historic arcades and gardens, Café Kitsuné could probably serve Folgers and I’d still be happy (ok fine, that’s a bit of an exaggeration). Many people rave about their matcha latte, and their sorbets in the summer. The interior is minimalist and efficient, and not meant for lingering…there is a standing bar where you can quickly down an espresso or noisette (or photograph your latte before heading outside, as I did).  If you plan to stroll the gardens (ahem, you’re not allowed to visit Paris without doing so), start your day here and enjoy your drink from their garden seating, which begs for both fountain and people watching.




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make a wish



It’s been a long time since I’ve written about motherhood, and it’s often because I have so much to say that I don’t even know where to begin. Almost four years later, I’m still wrapping my mind around the fact that I’m a mother of twins! Becoming a mother (and going from zero to two) has been both a disorienting and enlightening experience for me–my life has changed in every way possible. In fact, the first time I remember truly feeling like an adult was when I first held my children. My priorities have shifted, my marriage has been stretched and challenged, and I’ve grown exponentially.  Marie and Henry have already taught me more about life than I ever could have imagined – you just have to look for the lessons, as they often hide in the most unexpected places. They are just as much my teachers as I am theirs.

I’m making a wish this Mother’s Day. My wish is that I will create more time for myself, and in turn, be a better person, mother, wife, and daughter. Lately I’ve been spread too thin, and it’s taken a toll on me personally, as well as many of my relationships, including the one with my children. Our identities can be so quickly muddled in the midst of motherhood (this post speaks exactly to that point and moved me to tears). I need to demonstrate to both of my children (especially Marie who may someday find herself in my position), that maintaining and continuing to redefine your individuality is crucial. I feel like my wish is a bit ambitious, but certainly attainable. I have one more wish, and that is that you, my dear reader, have a meaningful and merry Mother’s Day weekend (should it apply). What would you like to wish for?

happy mother’s day

a hip haven in paris



This was my view for a week in Paris, and I have good news for you – it can be yours too. Renting an apartment is, in my opinion, the best way to experience a city. Having worked with Haven in Paris before and loving the experience, I reached out to them again for this trip. I have them to thank for my new obsession with Montmartre, which I got to know intimately while staying there. I had always heard about the unique vibe, and boy did I feel it – it’s palpable. The first thing I did after checking in (and being kindly greeted) was wander charming side streets and discover new perspectives of Paris. I’m getting ahead of myself though, as I’ll be sharing a neighborhood tour separately, soon. First, let me give you a tour of the apartment, which is classic yet modern, spacious yet cozy, and just like the neighborhood…very hip.






While the interiors are beautiful and thoughtfully curated, the balcony beckons you. Every morning I found myself there in a somewhat meditative state, saying good morning to the city. The rooftops of Paris are so iconic and beautiful…I could have just sat and stared at this view all day. With the Invalides, Roue de Paris, and the tip of the Arc de Triomphe in plain sight, it’s breathtaking! Located on a quiet street (but close enough to the buzz and heartbeat of the 18th), you can watch as residents lovingly hang their clothes to dry, listen as children laugh and play in a school courtyard, and the bells of the local church announce the hour. It’s a quick walk to the local market for fresh fruit, and the boulangerie for croissants and a warm, crisp baguette – is there anything better?! Ok maybe the butter…maybe the salty, creamy, butter is the best part. Ugh, that’s like choosing your favorite child, I can’t do it. Le petit dej with a view…#yesplease. Click through for more!


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desktop fleurish | plein de vie


It seems May is a busy month for most of us…and the term plein de vie comes to mind, which is a feminine phrase meaning “full of life” or “lively”. That can be interpreted in so many ways, but to me, this month is very full of life, with spring in full bloom and Mother’s Day. My life is certainly more lively thanks to my children, to whom I gave life. See what I mean? The term can have different (and very significant) meanings to everyone. This beautiful design by Lindsey Buck of The Hive Studio is also full of life, don’t you think? Every month she pens a beautiful new desktop download highlighting a French word or phrase…you can see all the designs here. I hope your May is filled with joy + life!

simple desktop | calendar desktop

please note that these designs are for personal use only + not available for commercial usage.