an anniversary in paris




While in Paris, my husband got down on one knee and asked me to marry him…again. As luck would have it, our anniversary (exactly one month and six years ago today) coincided with our trip. I had made reservations at my favorite restaurant, arranged care for the kids with a friend, and imagined us on a romantic midnight stroll along the Seine after enjoying an amazing and memorable dinner. However, between jet lagged toddlers, exhaustion, and not wanting to beg for help, we made the decision to cancel our plans. Our reality was not to be ignored, even in the most romantic city in the world. We chuckled at the stark contrast of it all, compared to the romance and freedom we have known in earlier years. On our anniversary eve, we found ourselves with oven pizza and wine after the kids went to bed. And you know what I realized? Our reality, and our love, is so much richer, deeper, and beautiful, six years later. I live life (and created life) with my best friend. So, in the shadow of Notre Dame, surrounded by our children, I said yes. Again.

many thanks to ashley ludaescher for capturing this unscripted moment!

coiffeur bonton




Yes, that’s right – I’m the obnoxious Mom talking about how her child got a haircut in Paris. I can’t even say that for myself! Ever since I first discovered the coiffeur inside the flagship Bonton, I knew that I had to make it happen. I waited until we arrived, and then called for an appointment. They accept walk-ins, but I wasn’t going to chance it (plus, that’s just not my style). My friend Ashley Ludaescher kindly met us there to capture the moment and hang out (we’re a fun bunch). Monsieur Franck (pictured above) was very welcoming, and immediately made us all feel at ease. After all, a haircut at Bonton can be a little intimidating! Henry not only felt comfortable, but he enjoyed himself – click through for more!


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south of brooklyn feature




Recently, I had the honor of being interviewed by the talented husband/wife team, Dave and Jennifer Cooper. They are the power couple/creative minds behind the passion project South of Brooklyn, sharing the stories behind creatives, makers, and entrepreneurs – you guessed it – south of Brooklyn. While I wholeheartedly recognize Brooklyn as a bastion of cool, I’m also very proud to live in Philadelphia, which is also (in my opinion, and many others) having a “moment”. It’s very palpable here, and I’m thankful to be present to witness it, and dare I say, take part in it. I’m thrilled they asked me to talk about my family and francophilia, as they represent such a big chunk of my identity. It’s my first video feature (gulp) – many thanks to Jennifer and Dave for making it a comfortable (and fun) first experience. Check it out…

fleurishing: a french twist

merci shop



I’ve teamed up with GapKids to share some of my favorite spots to visit with children in Paris, and the next stop on the (#littlecityguides) tour is Merci! Situated in the Marais (one of my favorite neighborhoods), you enter the shop through a beautiful courtyard, where their cherry red, vintage Fiat happily greets you. Henry + Marie lit up over the fun little car, giggling + “beep-beeping” their way around, putting on quite an entertaining show for customers. We were so lucky to have such gorgeous (sunny) weather during our trip, but with a chill still in the air, light coats were needed. What’s more perfect for Paris than a classic trench? It was one of the first pieces I packed, along with Henry’s handsome jean jacket.






After the fun in the courtyard, we had all worked up an appetite for the delicious food that awaited us inside. Merci happens to have not one, but three cafés – each featuring different decor + food. I always find myself in the Used Book Café, and I was so eager to introduce the kids to my favorite treat there – the soft-boiled eggs. Lined with over 10,000 colorful used books, you could easily spend hours there, curled up with a (new-to-you) book, hot tea, and a delicious scone. That’s not going to happen if you’re a parent of course (ha), but your experience can be enjoyable nonetheless. They are welcoming to children and families, and our server was very kind + attentive. To my delight, the kids really loved their first experience with soft-boiled eggs, and after a brief tutorial, handled (and ate) them like pros – a toddler miracle!






Here are their outfit details…Marie is wearing the classic trench (check out the adorable new print one), along with the 1969 black legging jeans. We bought her shiny red shoes that morning – such a happy coincidence!  Henry is wearing the denim jacket + 1969 black wash skinny jeans, along with shoes we bought that morning (at one of my favorite children’s boutiques). Many thanks to GapKids for outfitting Henry + Marie and letting us share our adventures…merci mille fois!


Merci | 111 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris




This is not a traditional Mother’s Day post. This is the story behind my most recent tattoo. A tattoo that represents many things to me, including my identity, my love story and…my children. The number three (trois, in French) has always been significant in my life, but only became evident to me when I met my husband. Suddenly, it was like the pieces of my own personal puzzle were finally coming together. Fast forward (three) years, and I was pregnant with twins. My body became a sanctuary for two human beings to grow and thrive in. Three of us, as oneWhile we no longer share my body, my beautiful children, Henry et Marie, will always be a part of me, until the day I die. I still have a hard time comprehending the concept, the reality, the gift–three years later. Yes…as luck? would have it, this happens to be my third Mother’s Day.

happy mother’s day

calligraphy by neither snow | inked by mike ski | photography by ashley ludaescher