running on fumes

I’m exhausted. The “terrible twos” (x2) are upon us, and I feel it applies to my second year of motherhood as well. Not that terrible, but very trying. I hesitate to write about this topic, as I really can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said. As much as I feel settled and content as a mother, I’m struggling to maintain my own identity (and sanity, ha), as so many women do. Being a mother is both my greatest struggle and reward in my life (thus far). Pretty sure it always will be.

Motherhood isn’t glamorous (as most of us know). I’m a maid, a referee, a chauffeur, a teacher, and a chef. Most days, I live in yoga pants, keep my hair in a messy top knot, and am lucky to get a shower lasting longer than two minutes. I’ve resigned to the fact that a clean and orderly home is simply not possible with twin toddlers (or any young children for that matter), and am doing my best to accept the mess (not easy for a type A personality). Without any help right now, I get my work done during nap time + in the evenings, which isn’t ideal, as I need time for myself, and my husband. Date nights are a rarity–something we hope to remedy soon. I need (and want) more time for my marriage.

Our days are a whirlwind of activity, and even though I’ve grown accustomed to the chaos, it doesn’t make it any easier. I’m usually exhausted by lunchtime, and I get through the the rest of the day with sheer adrenaline + willpower. I’m usually counting the minutes until my husband is home to help with dinner, bath, and bedtime. As grateful as I am for the opportunity to be with them 24/7, I need a break, and am not sure how to get one (without feeling riddled with guilt). I know I’m not alone, and welcome your thoughts. I’m so thankful for this outlet and community.

bon weekend




These abstract studies of Parisian rooftops by Michael Wolf have me dreaming again. I am feeling the pull, to get back to France, and I’m doing everything I can to figure out a way. I watched House Hunters International last night featuring a couple who sold everything and moved to the French countryside…dangerous for me, as I’ve been tempted to do the same at times! What an incredible experience it would be for the kids, and for us. I constantly imagine that scenario. Have you ever been tempted to do the same? If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Some links to inspire…


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our poconos vacation






Our first big vacation as a family was a success! The rental home was dreamy, the days were filled with fun, and the weather was mostly cooperative. Amazingly, the kids adapted to the new environment quickly, taking naps and sleeping as usual…that was a big relief. They loved the lake, and requested to go to the beach (aka the big sandbox) every day. Having spent my summers as a kid on a lake in NH, I’ve missed it terribly, and I was happily surprised to find that despite it being in PA, the familiarity was there. Thanks to the kids, I conquered my bathing suit phobia and got into the water–it was quite liberating. We all loved being surrounded by so much nature – we saw a family of deer numerous times, and even had a wild turkey frequent the backyard (we named him Tom). As much as I wanted to see a bear (from afar), that didn’t happen…but they did manage to get into our trash and drag it into the forest for a feast. That made for a fun cleanup…good times. I was snap happy and took a zillion photos…you can see many more + some video of our vacation over on…

steller stories

the new fleurishing



I’m so excited to welcome you to my new site…! While this is still very much a blog, my new domain name encompasses all that I do…interior design, styling, event planning, and yes, blogging. After almost five years of consideration, I finally took the plunge and acquired the new domain name a few months ago, to accommodate my growing business. I’ve been working closely with Curious + Co. Creative to make this space a home for all that I do, and they created a space that is everything I envisioned. Many of you know that I had a site focused solely on baby/kids design (Nesting), and I made the decision to merge that into fleurishing earlier this year in order to simplify my life and avoid any confusion (I offer more than just baby/kids design). Since then, I haven’t had a place to house my services, so that has a home here now. Other additions include: a more in-depth about page, quick links to my most popular categories in the sidebar, a press page, and contact form. Also, you may have noticed my beautiful new logo, designed by the talented Lindsey Buck…I’m so in love with it! I hope you’ll take a moment to explore my new online home…make yourself comfortable, stay a while (wink). As always, I’m so grateful for your readership and support….MERCI!

photography by Ashley Ludaescher