alt summit!



Hello friends! I’m Alt Summit bound, and couldn’t be more excited about it! For those of you who are not part of the blogging community, Altitude Summit is the premier business conference for bloggers + creatives, held annually in Salt Lake City, Utah. I feel it’s quite fitting that I’m finally making it there with my 5 year blogging anniversary looming. This space began as a creative outlet, and like many others would attest, it has become something so much bigger. I have met the most amazing people (online and in person), many of whom have become close friends, and ALT is the perfect opportunity to meet those that inspire me face to face! I’m also looking forward to connecting with sponsors + brands that inspire me…I have a feeling some amazing collaborations are on the horizon. My suitcase is bursting with my beautiful new business cards – I’ll be sure to share more details on those soon. Until I return (next week), you can follow my adventures (as always) on Instagram…apologies in advance for the overgramming that is about to occur. Au revoir!

french is beautiful



“Nos moments de lumière sont des moments de bonheur. / Our moments of light are moments of happiness.”

- Joseph Joubert (1754 – 1824)


Bienvenue et welcome to my new blog series, French is Beautiful! I’ll be documenting my journey of becoming feeling fluent in French, under the tutelage of Carrie Anne James of French is Beautiful. After all, what could be a better name for the series than that?! I had my first lesson last weekend and feel so invigorated. The online program combines weekly video lectures with written, listening + speaking assignments, digital immersion guides, and private Skype coaching! Carrie’s method of teaching is refreshingly natural, and she instantly made me feel comfortable and confident. I’m starting at the beginning, with her Level 1 course, for a three month duration, but will be studying with her all the way to Level 3 (and beyond)! I’m thrilled to review, refresh, and build on what I know, and hope you will follow along with me.

*tutoring c/o French is Beautiful…as always, these opinions are my own*

two and a half



It’s so cliché and so true–time passes by at warp speed when you have children. The days are long, but the years are short, as the saying goes. It seems like yesterday that Marie + Henry were wearing these shoes, and now they are encased in glass. I look at them every day in disbelief – were their feet really that small?! We are truly loving this age…despite the occasional tantrums and sibling squabbles, they are really happy little people (like most toddlers I know). They know their ABC’s and sing them all day long (Marie mixes it up with Sound of Music tunes + French lullabies), they love to dance to jazz + hip hop, and they giggle their way through each day. Happy half birthday my babies. Let’s not rush three, ok?

je suis charlie



I had another post planned, but after the attacks in Paris, this is the only thing that feels right to me. My French family (my niece especially who lives + goes to school in Paris) and many of my friends are on my mind. I’m heartbroken in the wake of these violent acts of terrorism – for France, and for us all. Feeling such love + solidarité.





As the title suggests, I recently had an epiphany. And ok fine, this title might also refer to the French holiday which falls on the first Sunday of the New Year (I’ll do anything to tie in my Francophilia). I came across this quote on Pinterest the other day, and even though it’s a very simple concept, something just clicked. I’ve been focusing so intensely on results for so many years, that my efforts towards long term change have been almost entirely in vain. This relates to many aspects of life of course – I’m sure we can all relate to it. I’m determined to make 2015 a triumphant one. Small steps towards big change…it seems that’s how all growth occurs. How do you relate to this quote, and what are you focused on this year?