Our farmers market purchase this week (ok, every week)…whoopie pie! We just recently discovered this local treat, and we’re hooked. Shown above are the delicious oatmeal-the more common chocolate are not pictured, because, well…we ate them before I could get a photo. I just couldn’t resist looking up the history of these, and they are a Pennsylvania Amish tradition. Apparently the women would put these in farmer’s lunchboxes, and when they found the treats, they would exclaim…“WHOOPIE!”



  1. Thank you for your kind comments concerning my father…..he is out of the woods so I am most grateful. It was lovely to meet you this way and I love your blog and photography. I have noted the book Seven Ages of Paris and of course can see how you adore Billy, one of the cutest dogs ever.
    A Gift Wrapped Life

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