an idea of paris…


 “Humphrey to Lauren: We’ll always have Paris. Me to Humphrey: Wrong, Humph. 

You’ll never really have Paris, Humph. Paris is too potent for that.” 


I love this excerpt from an article by Jon Henley (French correspondent for The Guardian, London) in the 2006 Hermes catalog. Yes, I saved it that long…it’s a bit lengthy to share here and I cannot find it online anywhere unfortunately. He writes of the idea of Paris…of the mind, of memory. It was thought provoking for me, and I agree that Paris is an IDEA. Paris is not to be HAD. Do you agree with this, and what are you thoughts?



  1. So true of Paris. It’s a million little memories combined, different every time. Love that you save things like this—I have boxes and binders full of such things. Inspiration!

    xx Katie

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