happy birthday Mom!


Happy Birthday to my amazing Mom, and best friend. This photo speaks volumes about who she is…artist, librarian, teacher, bright light. It is because of her that I know so much about art (especially Impressionism), love the smell of old books and libraries and can be so resourceful, can throw a great party or work my way around a room, can jitterbug and swing, write a mean thank you note, know the color wheel like the back of my hand, have the travel bug, can hear classical music and imagine an entire story choreographed to it, and have an odd obsession for the Royal Family…among many other things! I'm sorry I have to wish you Happy Birthday from afar this year Mom…I love you!!


  1. One forgets all that is passed down to one’s child in the course of her growing up! Beautiful post sweetie, thank you. You are a gift to us, Susan! Mom (Kathy…secret’s out) ;)

  2. So glad you liked the message Mom…and thank you!! No worries-I don’t care if people know my Mom reads my blog…I think it’s great! xoxo

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