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Little Brown Pen was one of the first blogs I fell in love with. Capturing life beautifully and soulfully, Nichole Robertson’s writing and photography are an inspiration to me. We share a love of Paris, and butter. So, without further ado…her Proust questionnaire….and many thanks to Nichole for getting this off to a poignant start.


Your favourite virtue.


Your favourite colour and flower.

White and tulips

Your idea of happiness.

The ten minutes before a thunderstorm. The breeze, the menacing sky, the barometer drop, the anticipation, and the smell of the first drops of rain on a hot pavement.

Your idea of misery.

Having too many plans

Your favourite food & drink.

cake and coffee

Where would you like to live?

Wherever my husband and sons are

Your favourite qualities in friends.

Self-deprecation, quick wit, humor, equally at home whether they are living large or slumming it

Your biggest flaw.


Your chief characteristic.


Your favourite poets.

Rimbaud, Wordsworth and Keats

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