weekend trip: savannah


Why not take a weekend trip to Savannah? It’s a magical place…dripping with history, mystery, and intrigue. I find it to be quite sexy!

Here are a few of my recommendations when visiting…just enough for a weekend…

1. The Paris Market-gorgeous & inspirational shop. I dare you to leave without something.

2. The Paris Market. I’m that serious about it. ;)

3. Savannah Bee Company-they have a “honey bar” for tasting. Need I say more?! Warning-you may be a tad hyper-do not attempt in the evening.

4. Papillote-delicious French fare on the go!

5. Elizabeth on 37th. One of the best meals I’ve ever had. Intimate & romantic!

6. Also on my list for dining…Alligator Soul

7. After dinner, getJazz’d!

8. Wormsloe  historic site (shown above)-it is truly breathtaking.



  1. That Wormsloe image is incredible! This sounds like a divine weekend trip but it’s a little too hot and sticky down Savannah-way for me right now. This might have to wait until next April when this Chicagoan needs a break from all the harsh weather and goes in search of Spring.

  2. Thank you! And yeeaah…I thought about the heat factor after I posted it of course. We were there in the summer last year…and I’m with you-do not go right now. I am a cold weather girl and I was not loving that part of the trip. But the Paris Market made it all worth it! ;)

    Thanks for the visit!

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