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I'm fine tuning our european itinerary (counting down!), and with 5 days in Paris, we have plenty of time to explore. I am looking forward to discovering more arrondissements and areas than ever before! I would love to hear about your favorite places, no matter what or where in Paris…will you share? Merci mon amis! 

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  1. So Jealous and excited for you! I highly recommend the crepes place on Ile St. Louis, it’s just a window on the main street. There are so many places I can’t think of all of them right now. Will email you. :)

  2. I highly recommend trying POMZE for lunch or dinner, which I’ve written about on my blog, as well as Au Bourgignon du Marais which is classic French but EXCELLENT, with great service. Though cliché, I’d actually also recommend doing breakfast/brunch at Ladurée (not just to get macarons) because their à la carte menu is quite affordable and the pastries are excellent.

  3. Cailin- that’s the first place I ever had a true Parisian crepe! :)

    Lindsey- thanks for those, I will add them…and Laduree is the first place I go when I get off the plane! This time I plan to visit ALL the Laduree’s!

  4. Oh, too many to list! I was there not too long ago and will look back into my notes for you :) I also love the “typical” Parisian haunts, like Laudree, Musee d’Orsay and the Latin Quarter (quite a varied list, but you get what I mean…)

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