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Twitter has introduced me to so many great people, and Cailin is one of them. I feel like I know her, even though we’ve never met. She is always supportive and sweet, and can brighten your day with a tweet or blog post. We share a love for our furry children, and my Billy has a bit of a crush on her Minnie! Her blog, A White Picket Fence, is a collection of recipes, photographs & stories from a twenty-something suburbanite. Cheery + upbeat, it is sure to make you smile.


Your favourite virtue.

Goodness. I believe that each and every one of us is born with innate goodness. It’s up to us as we grow older to foster this through generosity and kindness to others.

Your favourite colour and flower. 

My favorite color has to be pink. You cannot wear or even look at the colour pink and not be happy. Gerber daisies are my favorite flower, they come in so many different colors!

Your favourite food & drink.

This is such a hard question! I love all kinds of food! I would have to say any french food, particularly coq au vin and macaroons. My favorite drink (is it bad to say?) is red wine, particularly with a good aged cheese and great company (not necessarily aged!)

Your idea of happiness.

I’m very fortunate to be living my idea of happiness every single day. I have a wonderful, loving husband & family. I am constantly surrounded by a great group of friends, even though my best friend lives halfway across the world. I get to travel, bake and cook what I want, whenever I want. It also helps that my career has allowed me to do the things that I love.

Your idea of misery.

To live in a world where there is no creativity, happiness or love. As corny as it sounds, what would a world without love be like? A pretty miserable place I can imagine.

Your biggest flaw.

Perfectionism. And that’s all I’ll say! 

Where would you like to live?

I have been thinking about this question quite often lately. After our last trip to London we decided that it was a city we could see ourselves living in. It’s close to Europe, and we have friends there. I’ve also thought about Paris, but that city holds so many magical memories for me that I think it will always be a vacation destination-a place to go and unwind. Recently I’ve been toying with the romantic idea of living in a small, sleepy town in the Southeast US (particularly South Carolina). For now, I am very happy right where I am.

Your favourite qualities in friends.

Kindness. You can’t help but love friends who show you kindness through everyday things such as a letter, email, call, (or tweet!). Friends who are always there for you no matter what.

Your favourite hero (or heroine). 

Julia Child. She conducted herself always with class and a true passion for life.

Your favourite motto.

“Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” -Julia Child




  1. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity Susan! It has been great getting to know you. You are right, even though we have not met I do consider you a good friend. Your site is brillant and keep up the great work.

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