route des vins



Traveling the Alsace wine route has always been on my wish list. We dedicated a day to the “route des vins”, and had so much fun. The wines from the region (mainly riesling) garner high praise, the scenery is beautiful, and the winding road is a relaxing journey. The small towns scattered along the route each have their own identity, some with historic sites, some with a grand cru, and all with Alsatian charm. We drank (and spit) all the way to Colmar…



  1. Did parts of the German wine route – Worms grows a Liebfraumilch white wine – but never got to the Alsace route,sadly. What were we doing for 3 years?!

  2. I did the Route de Vins on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 2007. There was so much frost and fog, it was absolutely stunning! I’d love to see it in the Fall!

  3. It was lovely Stephanie, although it was just after the harvest. I would love to be in Alsace during Christmas…all those markets! :)

  4. i know i am a total loser now since I have lived a skip away from the route des vins and have never done this!!! did you need to make reservations or did you just stop in? I LOVE our regions wines and really need to do this soon :)

  5. Ashley that’s so funny…I find that the things that are right under our nose can be the last things we do, no matter where we live! It is so easy…you can see the vineyards & map at No reservations where we stopped, some might need it, not sure. It is a great weekend (or day) trip! :)

  6. definitely doing this sooner than later! Living on the border we have too many amazing places to visit and have been trying to tackle Germany first but definitely think it is time to check out more of alsace outside of strasbourg :)

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