my year in review…





2010 has been a year of growth, creativity, and happiness for me. It has brought many changes-a return to my roots, new friendships, business ventures, and most importantly, strengthened love. I am so very thankful, and am confident 2011 will be a year to remember! Thank you all for your love and support on my journey, it means so much to me. Here's to 2011!

Some 2010 highlights…

*moved from north carolina to pennsylvania

*explored and discovered local history and delights

*started blogging, was introduced to so many great people

*launched my newly branded company!

*traveled to germany & france…still more to share!

 *fell more in love with mr. fleurishing and billy…(didn't think it was possible).



  1. So much has happened for you this year and I hope even more comes your way in 2011! So glad this was the year we met!

  2. What a year! So happy to have “met” you and looking forward to sharing in the next year of our lives.

    Also, you have a beautiful, distinguished jawline in this photo. Great bone structure! By now, I think you know I can be a weirdo and give compliments like this ;)

  3. Kayla, it’s been great getting to know you! Thank you for the sweet compliment (I’m weird like that too, haha) :)

    Ditto Brooke!! xx

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