snowy cuteness…





Billy and I braved the cold temperatures to have some fun with friends in the snow! I carried him most of the way (for his sake), but when we reached the park he felt like striking a pose…



  1. Oh for heaven’s sakes!!! That is just too much cute, I can’t take it!!! I want to just pick him up and smoosh, smoosh, smoosh!!

    P.S. I carry Swarley a lot in the snow too, her paws hurt within five minutes and I’ve yet to find a pair of booties she can actually keep on.

  2. Oh thank you all!! Billy is very flattered. ;)

    Lindsey…I think I will get into flickr…good suggestion!

    Em…I almost squish him to death on a daily basis because of his cuteness, ha! He won’t wear booties-we tried and nearly died laughing, but he will walk in those balloon like footies. They look ridiculous, but they work! :)

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