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Versailles…such a stunning place, and I will elaborate on my visits there later. I wanted to share that there will be a luxury hotel opening up on the grounds of the palace in 2012! You may have already heard this news, but I am still giddy about it…who wouldn't want to pretend to be Marie Antoinette (or any princess or queen) for a day?! The mansion to be renovated was originally built in the 1680's to house the king's treasurer and family. I suspect it will be a pretty amazing experience to sleep within the gates of Versailles…add it to my long wish list! 

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  1. Marie Antoinette, the most hated queen of France ever but did she really deserve what happened to her? She spent all the money into lavish parties but she left us with the petit Trianon because she liked being a farmgirl. The part that impressed me the most when I visited the place was the opera house inside the castle!

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