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One of my life goals is to speak french fluently, and I have had dreams of attending an immersion school for many years. I honed in on Coeur de France about 5 years ago, and had almost committed to it when life got in the way (the good kind of way). So when I visited my brother a few years back, we took a trip to the beautiful vineyard town of Sancerre, and made an appointment with the dean of the school. Monsieur Chartrand was so generous with his time, and even walked us through town, introducing us to the mayor! I still have this on my life list…I need to at least return to Sancerre, it is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.



  1. Speaking as an educator, immersion is certainly the most effective method. What are your thoughts on Rosetta Stone as an alternative? Do you know anything about the program?

  2. Absolutely Erin…and I actually own the Rosetta french program ( a gift from mr. fleurishing)! It is really wonderful, and has helped me tremendously…but I don’t think it can compare to an immersion program, in my opinion. ;)

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