billy and the bunny…




Ok, ok…so this is from last year, but since I wasn't blogging then, I thought I would share it with you-it's just too cute and funny not to. The local pet resort (yes, I said resort) held an Easter playdate where you could also have your dog's photo taken with the (weird, slightly frightening) bunny. The best part was watching all the other dogs just run around trying to eat treats, and then the owners trying to get them to sit still with the bunny…wasn't happening. Billy was last, and he pranced in, and after a few sniffs, went right up to the bunny and was put on his lap. He then sat perfectly still and looked right at the camera, for 6 or so shots! That's my boy…he's amazing, and has no idea he's a dog. And, well…maybe we don't either.

 (you can enlarge the image by clicking on it)


  1. Not going to lie, I’m a little petrified by that bunny… Billy is courageous!

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