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An update…yesterday I watched in wonder, as did the world, as a real-life fairytale played out in front of me. I had to keep reminding myself I wasn't watching a movie…that it was REAL! Regardless of how you feel about the Royals, and all the pageantry, here is what matters most, in my opinion. In a world filled with negative media, war, poverty, and disasters, 2 billion of us watched a wedding together. A joyous celebration of love and happiness. That is powerful.




This is not an obligatory royal wedding post, but rather a declaration that I am a hopeless romantic. I watched Princess Diana wed with my Mom, and although I was very little, the magic of the event and the fairytale has stayed with me. My Mom has always been obsessed with all things Royal, so naturally that trickled down. I may not take it to the same level as she does, but it is something we love to share. We will be watching the wedding of William and Kate with child-like wonder together, and that is the most memorable part of the day for me. 


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  1. I am so blessed that I could share Kate and William’s happiness with you, as an adult. Love you…Mom

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