quality time…





We had some excellent quality time as a family this weekend. With Billy and I both not feeling 100%, we've been in the house a lot, so we were in desperate need of some good ole sunshine. While Mr. Fleurishing worked on the yard, we watched (ha) and played in the grass. Our backyard is very private-it's like our own little park. A weekend of unplanned, quiet perfection.



  1. Such gorgeous photos! I do hope you and Billy are both in tip top shape soon! How are you feeling? When is Billy having his surgery?

  2. thanks Aim..xo

    Em, thank you so much…I am feeling a little better. Billy’s surgery got delayed a bit because we were trying to treat it with meds first, but unfortunately he still needs it. So…in 2 weeks.

  3. thank you Jane!

    Eva, it’s Billy, and there is an entire category for him in my archives if you get the itch. ;)

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