billy’s surgery…





Our furry child Billy is undergoing knee surgery today…I'm an anxious mommy! Please send positive thoughts his way…hopefully he will be back to four legged activities soon. He's my little shadow…



  1. Billy will be just fine, I’m sure of it. He has a wonderful family that cares for him! I hope my sister was somewhat reassuring??

  2. You’ve been in my thoughts, Billy, since7:45 this morning. Can’t wait for your knee to be like new so we can enjoy you running down our hall again!Special wishes to your Mommy and Daddy. xo

  3. Thank you all SO much, your support is comforting. He is out of surgery, so huge exhale. In hospital until tomorrow…then the long recovery begins. I’ll just be happy to have him home.

  4. oh no!! I hope he is doing ok – it’s never fun to have our furry friends undergo something they don’t understand. Pour Maiden (my cat) has to be sedated just to go to the vet for a check-up! They just don’t understand it!

    Best of luck to your little Billy

  5. OMG, Susan! Poor lil’ guy! Hope he’s doing well now. I know I’m a little late here but trying to get caught up on my stacked up reader and saw the post.

    We just found out today that our little guy is going to need knee surgery too. :( Weird timing, huh? It’s hellishly expensive but I’ve heard nothing but great results about getting it done. Pups come out good as new!

    So, maybe Billy & Fergus can be crate mates during their recoveries? ;)

    You and Billy take good care!

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