dreaming of paris…





I have exciting news developing! We may be headed back to Paris soon! In addition to returning to my favorite city in the world, I might be checking another gorgeous country off my must-see travel list…Belgium! Mr. Fleurishing has a business event in Brussels, and we are planning a trip around it…and we will be sure to spend time in Bruges as well. I am bursting with excitement and am making a list of anything I've missed in previous trips to Paris. I'm planning on meeting my new nephew Eliott, and hopefully visiting a few frenchie friends! Fingers crossed this happens…

(in case you're curious…that's my brother and I in the photo, circa 2002)



  1. It would be september Lindsey & Kayla…SO hoping it happens, will keep you posted!

    Thank you Kayla, I’m blushing! ;)

  2. If you come this way, let me know!!
    A girlfriend who spent part of her honeymoon in Bruges sent me a couple recommendations my way (it is on my list of places I must visit), it you want I will send them along to you :)
    and very exciting news for you two to get back to paris!!

  3. thank you Jane!

    I would love that Cailin…let’s chat!

    Ashley that would be great, I’ll let you know, and thank you!

  4. I am so envious! I have always wanted to go to Belgium, I hear the antiques in Belgium are insane. Lucky you!

    P.S. Of course Paris isn’t top shabby either;)

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