reading terminal market


I can finally check something off of my Philadelphia “must see” list. We headed into the city this weekend to see some sights, and we didn’t get too far due to weather. It was a poor decision on our part to walk around on a muggy, wet day in a bustling city. I don’t even want to begin to describe the smells that were hanging in the air. So, needless to say, I was not a very happy camper. I can only take so much of the city. However…it was good to finally see Reading Terminal Market, which has been an institution here since the 1800’s. We sampled some of the goodies, and were overwhelmed by all there was to offer. I am always looking for new & exciting things to see when I’m in the city…recommendations are welcome! 


  1. oooo my favorite place in Philly! The Amish stands are excellent, there’s some good Greek food and I believe there are even some crêpes! I’ve also eaten at the diner.

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