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July,  for moi, means…Le Tour de France! I am not a cyclist. I don’t even own a bike at the moment- I’m still dreaming of this one. I sort of accidentally started watching the sport around 2004 and my love for it has grown each year since. This is the ONLY sport I think about, look forward to, and obsess over. I know…I’m a francophile, so…it figures. However, there are so many other reasons why this specific race gets me going. The lead up to it, the excitement, the preparation of all involved is incredible. The stamina and athletisicm required to withstand even one day amazes me. It is very unfortunate that drugs have permeated cycling (but that’s another discussion entirely).  Seeing so many different regions and towns in France is a highlight for me, and keeps my mind off of those issues. I love watching the peloton, and the thrill I get watching the best battle it out on Alpe-D’Huez or le Galibier. Vive le Tour!

(image of Bernard Hinault & Greg Lemond, circa 1986)



  1. I remember this perfectly ! was in front of the TV with my dad… thanks for the memory.

  2. I’ve been reading about the Tour de France so much more than usual this year. I think I may just have to watch it for the first time (in full) this year! I hope you’re doing splendidly, Susan!

  3. Love the Tour de France too ! We are always there to watch the final stage on Champs Elysées at the end of July :) Now just need to plan a trip to follow the tour especially through the Alps! Hopefully next year!
    Bon weekend! Best wishes from France.

  4. The Tour de France is the essence of France, its rural towns and sceneries. It is a 3 week long party with families, picnics and tents waiting for the peloton to go by. The Tour de France is the revenge of long forgottent small towns!

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