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Ah, the joys of home ownership…we have to replace our roof. We knew about this when we bought the house, but really thought we'd have a bit more time to do so. However, our insurance company disagrees, so…they win. I've spent the last month researching and reading just about everything I could find about selecting a roof. There are so many options, and it is a big choice-one that is expensive, and pretty permanent. We've had 4 quotes from roofing companies, and have chosen the contractor for the job. We have color samples sitting outside as I write this. We have meticulously chosen gutters, valleys, vents, you name it. So, without boring you with all the details, I will get to my point…

I took these shots of cape cod homes in Hingham, MA, while visiting one of my best friends. You really can't find a more classic example except maybe, in Cape Cod. I LOVE the first home especially, with the grey architectural shingle (which is what we're using). The second has a cedar shake roof (which our home originally had in 1948), which is amazing, but not in our budget. The third is actually local, and we just adore it. Here is the issue-our home is not a classic cape, but really a cottage, (click here). So, we toyed with the idea of a brown roof for that reason, but we are back to the grey now, after looking at these photos again. We love the classic white, black, and grey…but I would love opinions! Thoughts?



  1. Wow! Not sure why I’m just now seeing this. But, it’s just perfect! I LOVE corner lots and the white picket fence and majestic tree in the front yard are the icing on the cake! I think a gray roof would be divine!

  2. I like the gray Color especially that of the 3rd picture. I am sure you ll make the best choice.

  3. I like the first one too. It mimics the shake roof which it sounds like is the look you are going for. Loved the photos ;)

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