It's hard to believe this is my first post about Versailles, considering how much I love it, and how I dream of returning. I still look at this old photo and wonder if I was really there…it almost looks fake, doesn't it…like a postcard? This was a highlight of my first trip to France, and one I remember in great detail. Somehow I was able to tune out the crowds, and lose my breathe as I finally stepped inside. By the time I reached the Hall of Mirrors I was in my own world, and when I turned the corner into Marie Antoinette's room, I burst into tears. Seems dramatic, I know…and well, that's just me. However it was a moment I had dreamed of, and when reality surpassed my expectations, I lost control…in a good way. 

I was not able to explore it in it's entirety that day, not to mention that is ambitious for a day trip. I look forward to returning someday, and spending more time in the gardens, and seeing the Petit Trianon and Queen's Hamlet. The town of Versailles itself is gorgeous, and I was able to stroll around a bit…and the new luxury hotel on the grounds will open in early 2012, and it IS stunning. I have a bit of an obsession with historic architecture, especially in France, and if you haven't seen my other favorite chateaus, you can find them in my archives. Bon weekend everyone!



  1. Juste une petite chose, mais l’Hôtel Trianon, Versailles n’est pas le l’Hôtel de luxe prevu pour 2012.
    Le Trianon est un hôtel Waldorf Astoria qui a été exploitée à Versailles depuis de nombreuses années. C’est un hôtel chic avec restaurant où mes amis et moi acheter des adhésions privés pour l’installation de la piscine. Alors qu’il est sur le bord du terrain au palais, il n’est pas dans le parc du Château de Versailles.
    L’Hôtel de luxe qui ouvriront en 2012 dans le parc du château est l’Hôtel de l’Orangerie, l’ancienne serre de Louis XIV.

  2. you are going to be very excited by my post tomorrow ;-)

    Versailles is unreal. I have my own reasons for loving it (obviously), but everything you said here is true. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to explore the palace interior…next time!

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