clover market…




Sunday was perfect. With a hint of fall in the air, sunshine, and time to wander…we headed over to Clover Market in Ardmore. I recently discovered it via twitter (hooray for social media) and knew after checking out the vendor list that it would be great. The outdoor market is filled with antiques and collectibles, as well as vintage clothing, art, and handmade goodies. I was impressed by the variety, and thoughtfulness of everyone involved. Mark your calendars for the next one…October 16th!


  1. Ah, I am catching up on too many days away from my favorites. Hope your September week(s) have been wonderful: I hope to be back on some sort of blog reading schedule by October. This “love” bunting made me smile. xoxo.

  2. just found your blog via your comment on D*S about wanting a photo class in philly (me too!). just wanted to say hello. i was a seller at clover and had a blast.

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