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I am truly, madly smitten by the new online shop of my blogging friend Miss B, and absolutely must share it with you! Always one for old-fashioned manners and charm, the Besotted Brand aesthetic suits me perfectly, and encourages us all to correspond in the most beautiful of ways. I cannot possibly describe it as well as she, so here is an excerpt from her website…please pay her a visit, and maybe leave a note of applause on her blog as well! Bravo Miss B!

"Sitting atop the tidy shelves at Besotted Brand are the accouterments of fine living. Single note parfums await a mademoiselle (or madam) with a discerning décolleté. Members of letter writing societies, both real and imagined, appreciate the catalouges of courtly correspondence, bespoke or otherwise. Prints are waiting patiently to adorn your walls and steal your hearts. And, of course, it goes without saying that everyone the world over enjoys the satisfying thwap of a perfectly weighted wood-handled stamp."




  1. Gosh I have had the biggest girl crush on Tristan since the early blahblahg times! I am so happy for her and am ordering the lux cards with the little heart on top for Christmas! Aren’t they so cute?

  2. I think my guilty pleasure of the year is stamps – I can’t get enough of them! Love the site, it’s gorgeous, and I wish her tons of success! I might be a client :)

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Or I should be saying Merci Beaucoup! You are so kind + supportive and if I were there right now I would hug you tight and try to steal Billy,lol.


    Miss B.

    P.S. Can’t wait for you to get your parcel. I am making sure it is better than the 1st one!

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