yoga in sully





I miss France. I also miss yoga. Looking forward to getting back to both soon!

For the record, I was promoting a friend's yoga business back in 2004…

I do not usually wear jeans to do yoga in, nor do I practice yoga when traveling.

Although it's not a bad idea…(oh and this was taken in Sully Sur Loire).



  1. Great warrior girl! We miss you! Had the chance to do Yoga with Elena Brower in Paris a few weeks ago and it was amazing. I hope you can catch her when you’re here in Feb!

  2. I fall in and out of yoga. I enjoy it so much. But like anything, try to find the time. It’s so rewarding though.

  3. Hi Rebecca, and welcome! I just checked out your “musings”…very cool. Hope to see you again soon…and yes, I have to find time for yoga. ;)

  4. I would love to get involved in Yoga here in Paris. I loved Yoga To The People in NYC… for students it was fantastic!

  5. :)
    I am obsessed with which has classes for everyone, beginner to advanced, with a wide array of styles to choose from, and it is $18/month. I sing their praises every chance I get!
    I am SO jealous of Samantha being able to attend Elena Brower’s workshop in Paris… She is one of my favorite teachers and I was sad to miss it… but I had a good reason- I was off getting married that weekend :)

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