le beaujolais est arrivé!



Tonight at the stroke of midnight in France (6 pm here), the 2011 vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau will be released, and people around the globe will raise a glass! What began as local fun after World War II has become a worldwide tradition celebrating the young red wine. Made from the Gamay grape in the Beaujolais region of France, it is fermented for only a few weeks before being released for sale on the third Thursday of November. It is an opportunity to taste wine at it’s most simple, or immature state…and to some that is not appealing. In my opinion, those people just don’t get it…the purpose is to experience the fruity flavor and lightness, and to join in a global celebration! Le Beaujolais est arrivé!


  1. Haha…I would say that is mostly true…but I do have an appreciation for the simplicity and tradition of it, and the excitement, of course! ;)

  2. I think it’s a fun tradition too but definitely have a preference for aged wine! (Who says you can’t uncork both at the end of November — just for the heck of it?!)

  3. I completely agree Liz…I much prefer aged wine but think the tradition is fun. Great to “see” you here, thanks so much for the comment. I hope you guys are doing great! xo

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