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After many years of lipstick kisses, Oscar Wilde is getting a new tomb today. The Irish writer and poet was buried in the Paris Pére Lachaise Cemetary in 1909, and ever since has become quite the tourist attraction. It is the custom to leave a kiss on his grave, for reasons that are debated…but most say it is because of his daring and passionate lifestyle. Over the years the lipstick began to erode the stone, so the new grave will have a protective glass shield, which I assume will also soon be covered in kisses. 


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  1. I most certainly will be planting my big red kisses all over the glass! And kisses on stone are one thing, but at least it’s not the bronze statue whose man parts were eroding away because rubbing them was supposed to get you pregnant. And after three years in France, and I believe three visits to Lachaise, I still hadn’t managed to find his grave! Shame on my part… :( very disappointed.

  2. I still have not been there Stephanie, maybe it will be easier to find with the new tomb? We should make this our mission in February! ;)

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