thank a veteran today…





This has always been one of my favorite photos of my Dad…in all his paratrooper glory. My father is not one to brag, but upon leaving ROTC he was ranked as one of the top Army recruits in the country. He served our country bravely and proudly for 20 years, with two tours in Vietnam, and retired as a Lt. Colonel. I am thankful for his service, and for all who serve…so if you can, thank a veteran today.




  1. Amazing! We are so lucky to have a man like him in our history.

    Thank you Susan’s Dad. We will never forget all you did for us.


  2. What a fantastic photo. Really a keeper. I agree with Samantha, definitely lucky to have men like him.

  3. Oh my goodness, what an awesome photo! I wish I had access to photos like these from my parents. You’re lucky to have such a courageous father!

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