thanksgiving memories…





One of the first things we think of when celebrating Thanksgiving is…food. In my case…I think of pie! Not just any pie…strawberry rhubarb. It's not even about the pie itself, but the memories that rush back into my mind the moment I taste it…it's my "madeleine moment". Every year, my entire family (12 or so, small compared to many) would gather at my grandparents home in Wyckoff, NJ. Prior to, we would always make a trip to Delicious Orchards and pick up goodies, most importantly, the strawberry rhubarb pie that myself, my grandfather, and my father loved so much. We would savor every bite, and look forward to it each year. To this day, that taste and tradition in particular generates very strong nostalgia for me. The holiday is just not complete without that pie, and the heartwarming memories created at my grandparents cozy home. So here's to family, pie, gratitude, and new memories…

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. My absolute favourite too! My Grandma always made it for me when I came over!
    Happy Thanksgiving Susan, Billy and Mr. Fleurshing!

  2. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Suzi! Your post made my stomach growl. :) Mmmmm pie!

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