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We finally had time to get a tree yesterday, and we chose a new experience…cutting down our own tree. I actually spent a lot of time researching this earlier in the year, as I had reservations. Here is what I read that sold me on this option, as well as always having a real tree growing up. We arrived at the tree farm knowing it would be difficult to find what we needed-a slim, almost anorexic tree, but not too sad, which our current living room set up demands. We wandered for a while before spotting it, all by itself, on the side of the hill…it was love at first sight! While Billy and I looked on, Mr. Fleurishing sawed the tree with ease. I made sure it’s surrounding friends knew we were giving it a wonderful new home, albeit a temporary one. I felt better having said that-and yes, I’m weird like that. 




  1. That tree is perfect. I keep finding other people’s perfect trees on their blog, and thus keep procrastinating one for our home. My children are going to get disappointed soon if I don’t get this handled. No chance you’re interested in shipping it? No? Okay. We’ll go find our own.

    In the meantime, just wanted to say hello as I blog hop around this weekend. Enjoy your tree, and your holiday season!

  2. Such a lovely tree! We wanted to go to a Cut Your Own farm but couldn’t make it out of London. We went for a Blue Spruce this year!

  3. OH MY GOD. THAT FACE. I can’t get over it!!!! Parker is so cute! :) heheh Billy is a stunner! You guys make an adorable family.

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