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Etta James 1938-2012

I was very sorry to learn of the passing of such a great talent on Friday. Her powerful, earthy, and emotional voice has been a favorite of mine since I was a teenager. Classics such as “At Last”, “Stormy Weather”, and “A Sunday Kind of Love” have been very poignant in my life, providing the soundtrack to some of my most beautiful memories. 

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  1. I am soooo sad about this legend passing. She will indeed be missed. I have always loved her voice (my favorite song of all is ‘I’d rather go blind’) and was fortunate enough to see her perform live in my hometown just over 2 years ago. INCREDIBLE. That was also the weekend my Italian and I fell in love. A magical coincidence.

  2. That is a great (sad) song Kasia…need tissues for that one! You are SO lucky to have seen her live…what a magical coincidence indeed! :)

  3. Me too :( Her songs were present in every stage of my life thus far and they will continue to play a role. A brilliant talent never to be forgotten!

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