macarons in manhattan





Ever since learning that Ladurée was opening a New York store, I've been dying to get there, even with my mixed feelings. It certainly isn't Paris, but your taste buds won't know the difference! Mr. Fleurishing and I made a beeline there as soon as we got into town, and luckily missed the crowds that often extend outside the store. I actually had a meeting with the store manager regarding an upcoming event (more on that soon), and she sweetly gave us a tour of the tiny shop and explained that they hope to open a tea salon by the end of the year! That is very exciting news for me, as I almost always sit down and enjoy some tea or lunch when at the Paris Ladurée shops with salons. Even though this one is small in comparison, it holds all the magic of any Ladurée, and you simply must experience it!




  1. we make sure to go there when in paris, but i don’t know if i’ll make it a priority in nyc. you’re right that my tastebuds won’t know the difference but we have an abundance of macarons in montreal and i just like the charm of the rue royale location.

    looking forward to your nyc posts.

  2. Haha, sorry for the tease! Thanks for sharing that video-très intéressant…I did not notice any freshness issues with the vanille, my fav…but maybe in the other flavors a bit. The vanille always seems more moist to me than the others anyway. It will never be the same as Paris…but if this is the closest I can get for a while I’m not complaining. ;)

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