clover market..


This weekend was filled with “nesting” activities, chores, and shopping…at Clover Market! First, I must confess…I had my camera, but ended up chatting too much. So, this shot is from our last time at the market, ha…this worn street lamp caught my eye. I would like to take a quick moment to mention some friends who have booths there…Spotted Horse Textiles has just joined the ranks, and the selection of authentic burlap wares and antiques are to die for. I ran into Jahje of Baby Jives and she just had a beautiful baby girl so no booth currently, but do check out her handcrafted baby mobiles, they are so charming. Many of you know of Chez Sucre Chez, and Kimberly is also now selling there…I am gaga over her unique embroidered designs…you will be seeing her work in our nursery! Clover Market is brimming with local talent and always enjoyable…it’s worth a visit Philly friends!


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