on motherhood…





My mother has always said, "my blood runs through your veins", and I understand the concept now more than ever. Just like the beauty and complexities of motherhood, seeing your babies for the first time inside your womb is beyond words. I'm technically a mother, but have trouble thinking of myself as one until I'm holding our children in my arms. Being a mother to a furry baby for 9 years has been one of the most special experiences, and has taught me so much about life, and my capacity for love. I am told that just when you think you couldn't possibly love any more, you do. And I will…we will. 

wishing all moms (of two and/or four legged babies) a beautiful day



  1. wow–what am amazing picture. Is your daughter on the left?

  2. You’re going to make an amazing mother!! Such a beautiful time in your life. Thank you for sharing the special moments along the way!

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