thirty weeks!



So…yeah….it’s been a while since my last one. Are you as shocked as I am?! Ten weeks in a twin pregnancy is a lot of time, and a LOT of growth, yikes. It takes a bit of courage to share this photo, I’ll be honest, but I feel it’s important to share the reality of it all. Extreme fatigue, lessened mobility, crazy heartburn, immense back & nerve pain, scary swelling…these symptoms are all part of my daily life now (and I left some out on purpose). Many people don’t talk about the difficulties of pregnancy, but I’m here to say that this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done to date. Some days I want to scream when I hear “it’s all worth it”. Is that true? YES, no doubt. But do I want to hear it right now? NO, not really. Pardon my venting…I’ll shut my mouth and shuffle away from the computer. I’m way past waddling.

**on a cheerier note, the babies are doing fabulously and we can’t wait to meet them**



  1. You look ravishing! It’s gotta be tough but those lil’ guys will be well worth it! Gettin’ close!!!

  2. You’re doing great! As you may remember, my daughter had boy/girl twins 2 years ago, so I’m very familiar with how you are feeling now. She carried hers until 37 weeks and then was induced due to high blood pressure. She delivered them both in 4 hours! It was a breeze compared to the pregnancy. Those last few weeks, she was basically parked on the couch or in bed most of the time. Her twins weighed 6.8 and 6.5 so she had a lot of baby in there! Just hang in there a few more weeks. It is going to be so worth it when you finally hold them in your arms. I just talked to my twins on the phone:). They grow up so fast!

  3. Oh thank you Joy, and it’s comforting to hear of your daughter’s experience. I’m amazed she made it to 37 weeks and they were so big, wow! Thank you again for the reassuring words and thoughts, I truly appreciate it.

  4. You look fabulous (and the look of disbelief on your face cracked me up). You’ll make it through, I promise :) Hang in there! It may be worth it in the end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be just a little miserable when you’re dealing with so much discomfort.

  5. You look GLORIOUS!!! You really do. Gorgeous. And as everyone has said, the look on your face is priceless! Hang in there honey.

    And feel free to totally punch the “it’s so worth it” people in the face. I hate that too and I’ve never even been pregnant. It’s just the thing everyone feels compelled to say because we somehow have an idiotic taboo against pregnant women and mothers voicing the fact that it’s not all sunshine and lollipops. It makes me so crazy. Mom’s love their babies, AND having / raising babies is bloody hard! Both are true at the same time, and both should be equally acceptable to say out loud. So when you’re having a “this sucks!” moment you shout it out loud and proud, no apologies =)

  6. Oh my, double happiness!!! I am very happy for you & your family!!!! And the pic is great!!!

  7. I didn’t have twins but was more than 40 for my third baby & I can easily understand that pregnancy is difficult in different ways!
    Hope your last weeks will be OK & it is really worth having some difficult weeks.
    Life will be good ( & busy!)very soon.:)

  8. Oh thank you Em!! Yes…pregnancy and parenting are both joyous and difficult, and I feel more people need to voice the negatives. There is still a stigma about saying negative things, and it shouldn’t be that way. Thank for your support!!

  9. Oh wow, you must have been uncomfortable! I’m actually measuring at 44 weeks (singleton numbers). Yikes! Thank you :)

  10. This is by far my favorite photo you’ve posted during the pregnancy! So real. You look fantastic (and I can say that since I saw you in person!!). You’re almost there, we’re rooting for you (shuffle OR waddle) xoxo

  11. You’re beautiful! I live in France and i just love the perfect french-american balance style of your house.
    And for your back: please, please, do what i call “la pintade”: laid on your back on one of your nice rugs and bring your knees sweetely to your shoulders – i know your bump is there, just go as far as you can…
    Beaucoup de bonheur et meilleurs voeux pour tous les quatre – non, cinq, j’allais oublier Bill!

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