vive le tour!



It’s that time again…the only sporting event I excitedly anticipate, that brings happiness every summer…LE TOUR DE FRANCE! Oh yes…it starts tomorrow, and lasts a glorious 20+ days. I never miss a stage, and the familiar voices of the announcers (especially Phil Liggett) bring comfort and familiarity each year.  Even if you’re not into cycling…you’ll enjoy it if you’re a francophile like me, and you will discover and learn about remote (and well known) areas of France. The helicopter views and in depth town tours are incredible…chateaus + sunflower fields galore! If you want to join me in this obsession, follow my twitter le tour list for the most up to date info, and I am always up for a chat about teams, contenders, stages, and well…everything. I seriously geek out over this stuff. Vive le Tour!!

tour de france 2012 poster by Vincent Vermeij 


  1. My dad is obsessed with le tour de france! Too funny that you are too. He cancelled cable but considered getting it back just so he could watch le tour. Cute post :)

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