first halloween…






 salt + pepper

Our little baby shakers! There is a double meaning as well, as mr. fleurishing and I have names that begin with s + p, and have always jokingly said we go together like salt and pepper. How appropriate for our mini-me's, right?! We hadn't planned on involving the babies in halloween this year, simply because they are only 3 months old. However, after seeing these costumes I couldn't resist. So we had fun dressing them up for photos and grammy & grampy, but we will not be trick or treating. Can you imagine-they don't even have teeth to decay. Wishing everyone a happy halloween!


**thinking of all those who took a hard hit and are recovering from the storm**



  1. I have to say these are just the most adorable photos! I love all the symbolism. Twins are such a blessing. I am a gemini and a day does not go by when I don’t see at set of twins in Paris. On the 11/11 (just past) I walked out in the early evening and saw 5 sets of twins in the space of 10 minutes. They are a talisman. I was delighted therefore to come across this post of your two little angels.

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