red velvet





It started with the red velvet chair, inherited from my grandparents. Currently residing in the basement awaiting reupholstery, it was just waiting to be in the spotlight. Brought into the sun for a few days, it provided endless inspiration and the perfect backdrop to showcase some heart melting outfits. There is something so fun about dressing babies in adultlike clothing…we had a laugh thinking that they even looked “sexy”. Marie is sassy in cheetah, and Henry is sporting his sweet v-neck onesie and first pair of jeans. Billy was dying for some camera time + got in on the red velvet action! 



  1. Honestly, these are the cutest kids EVER, Susan! Henry’s outfit is amazing – best-dressed baby award right there!

  2. Marie’s eyebrows-she always seems to look worried when she brings them together like that, tho’ still pretty!!!!. No matter where they are, tho’, I love her lots. Grammy

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