After many gloomy, rainy days, this weekend thankfully brought sun and warmer temperatures. Henry and Marie had yet to experience swinging, so with visions of cute photos dancing in my head we made our way to the playground. Mommy and daddy were a bit more excited about it than they were, but they were content and super cute sharing the swing! There is something so symbolic to me about the last photo…the push and pull of motherhood…wanting your children to grow wings and stand on their own and yet always wanting them to return to you. Obviously I don’t know much about that just yet, but I know the time will come. I’m savoring these days of pom pom hats and binkies!



  1. I dream about this day in my own life. Don’t tell anyone, but one of the “souvenirs” we brought back from the mountains in Bulgaria was a pair of baby moccasins. (Tiho bought them, not me!)

  2. They will seriously mushroom in front of you so you’ve got the right approach: capture everything! I love the last photo too.

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