etsy pop-up at west elm



Just a few fun shots from the Etsy Pop-Up at West Elm a few weeks ago…these crack me up. We challenged ourselves to bring the kids + billy into the city for this event, curated by local lovely Jaime Derringer of Design Milk. There were so many friends and amazing vendors we wanted to support, and we’re glad we went. However-I’m still regretting the photobooth…oy. I know it’s shocking that this was my first one as a blogger, but seriously…flash photography + timer + no screen to see yourself = recipe for disaster! The one of the boys cracks me up. Wishing you all a fun filled weekend!



  1. Hahaha flash photography..tell me about it. I’ve experienced an intensive self-taught crash course in learning how to use it these past few months because I’m shooting two weddings that necessitate it due to dark venues (oy!).

    You look gorgeous, as always!

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